Another good weekend

Friday was great. It was good to get out into the fresh air, and to spend a few hours with Mom and Dad. They even brought a picnic, so after the wreath laying ceremony and a quick wander around the Arboretum, we sat in the car park and ate sandwiches and cake.

The pictures are below, but I couldn’t get the slide show to work over here.

I stopped off on the way home to get cash – my monthly spends for shopping and pocket-money – but it took me a long while to get there. This was due to the Friday afternoon traffic on the motorways. By the time I got in I was shattered.

Saturday was shopping and chores, and I stayed in to watch television and to read.

Sunday the tickets for the Edinburgh Book Festival went on sale. I gave the phone a few tries in the morning, but I couldn’t even get into the telephone queue. So I popped out to our local RSPB reserve because the library was launching their summer reading campaign from there, and on the way home I dropped off at Hickleton, where we have a Sue Ryder home, because they were having their summer fete.

When I got home I was on the phone again, got onto the phone queue straight away, and only had to wait 33 minutes before someone dealt with me. I wanted 9 tickets, only 1 was sold out. I managed to find a quick replacement, but the course leader for the workshop that was sold out is trying to arrange an extra session. If she manages that, and at a convenient time, I’ll still make her workshop.

Then I needed to book my accommodation, but my internet fell over. I kept trying every hour or so, but it didn’t want to play. So I had to book my hotel online via the mobile phone. I found a cheap enough B&B – they’re all Very Expensive in Edinburgh, and I needed it to be quite central. I have no idea how good or bad my chosen guesthouse is, but it looks nice enough and so long as it’s clean and comfortable I’ll be happy. I just hope the mobile phone connection was secure.

Now I just have to book my train ticket, but I’ll leave that a week or so. I want to see if we get that extra workshop and whether or not I get onto it before finalising travel, and if the worst comes to the worst, I can probably drive – although I’d rather not do that as it’s a long way, it’s city centre, and there may not be parking available.

The pet sitters are sorted. We just need to finalise whether they come the night before or the same morning.

Today is a study/writing day, and we also welcome the arrival of Stainescloud Lord Rufus at about 4pm. The Kennel Club wouldn’t let us call him Barbarosa, but Lord will do nicely. Some things were just meant to be …

Here are 10 of the 28 pictures from Friday:

The National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas - National Service memorial
Founding members of the National Service Veterans' Association
The National Service memorial - they also served
The Green Jackets' memorial
The Armed Services' memorial
There are 16,000 names - and counting - over 6 of these walls. That's the number of lives lost *since* 1945.
Dad helps give me some perspective of size.
The Moussey memorial stone - 220 local French men were sent to concentration camps when they refused to give information to the Gestapo. 140 of them never returned.
The Royal Engineers' memorial - with stones from the Falklands
Dad and Mom

The full album can be found here. Link to the slide show here.


10 thoughts on “Another good weekend

  1. Jacqueline Pye 27 June 2011 / 10:19 am

    Phew. Exhausted just reading about your weekend, but glad your edfest tickets are looking good. Wish I could go. Happy homecoming to Lord!


    • Diane 27 June 2011 / 10:21 am

      And these are just the edited highlights – as ever. 🙂

      Lord Rufus is just such a perfect name for him. Of course, there will be pictures …


  2. devonellington 27 June 2011 / 12:58 pm

    The pictures are lovely! Glad you got your Edinburgh trip sorted. You and Colin get to play — wish I could be there with you!


    • Diane 27 June 2011 / 4:48 pm

      It would have been great if Scotland was part of your month off!


  3. esmeraldamac 27 June 2011 / 1:37 pm

    Sounds like a good weekend! I often think a good picnic is better than wandering the streets trying to find a good place to lunch, especially in the sort of weather we’ve had recently!

    Don’t leave it too soon to book your train tickets – they get more expensive closer to the date.

    Bet we won’t hear from you for days because you’ll be too busy playing ball…


    • Diane 27 June 2011 / 4:50 pm

      When I take a picnic, I have enough to feed an army, even though it’s usually just me. I love pork pies and chicken drumsticks and Scotch eggs and crisps and sandwiches, etc.

      I’ll keep an eye on the train tickets, but the money I’ve spent this weekend just gone I’m amazed the bank hasn’t checked it’s me spending it. Gonna give it a breather for a day or so – and hopefully will know about the extra workshop by then.

      You don’t get away from me that easily …


  4. Sarah Pearson 27 June 2011 / 7:57 pm

    Diane those pictures are lovely, thank you for sharing them.

    Fingers crossed that you can get a spot on the workshop you’re after, although you sound like you’ll have a full schedule regardless!

    And yay, puppy! I cannot believe how much I’ve been looking forward to you getting him home. Three more years and I can have one of my own 🙂


    • Diane 27 June 2011 / 10:59 pm

      Why 3 years?

      I have 4 hours free on just one afternoon. It’s going to be busy.

      Two pics in morning! 😀 Awe …


  5. Colin Galbraith 27 June 2011 / 11:17 pm

    Great pictures of a wonderful memorial, Diane.

    Your hotel is in Canonmills (New Town) right around the corner from my favourite pub in Edinburgh – Clark’s Bar!


    • Diane 27 June 2011 / 11:24 pm

      Friendly territory at least, then – and hopefully within walking distance of everything else.

      The arboretum is a lovely place. Peaceful.


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