The engineer cometh again

I’m taking advantage of a window of internet opportunity to write today’s post.

I got through to the phone company and they were adamant that the extension was my responsibility. They suggested I hire a local engineer to come and fix it. I had to go through 4 customer service representatives including one “important” one, who I insisted on speaking to after I told them I’d be writing to their chief executive and to the ombudsman. (Thanks, Devon … 😉 )

They eventually conceded that it was likely the engineer had dislodged something because the extension had been working fine for 5 years right up until that point. So today, between 12 and 3 again, I have another engineer coming, although it will probably be the same one as last time. They said it would be a free visit (gee, thanks) and they would sort it.

Honestly, if it is a coincidental fault that happened right after the engineer left, then of course I’ll pay for it. It’s bad luck, but I’ll pay for it. But what are the odds of that, realistically?

As I was mid-rant the internet flashed on – don’t ya just hate it when that happens? So I had to say the internet seemed to be working for now, but I do think there was an outage this time as there was a high call volume yesterday compared to the day before, and the day before that, when I got straight through.

So, for now, I have internet. For how long, who can say?

I’ll be staying in for much of the weekend. Rufus was supposed to be paper-trained, but he isn’t so I’m having to house-train him from scratch. He may have been and it may be the different environment and everything. But he needs training *my* way.

I went out to the birds feeding area yesterday, which is outside the confines of my yard, and he came with me and sat at my feet good as gold the whole time. Domino comes to a whistle and so, now, does Rufus. It was funny, though, having them both at my feet. I’ve always said Domino thinks she’s a dog.

I’ll try his collar and lead on for size and if I don’t think he’ll slip it, we’ll go for a short walk. The cats are getting used to him and they’re all sleeping and eating in the same room and at the same times.

There may be more photographs soon.

Y’all have a good weekend.