Don’t look now …

… but I think they’ve fixed it …

Engineer man no 2 came early, spent quite some time changing sockets, put a brand new main filter on, and increased my internet from 0.7 to 2Mb. He said that should make the internet faster and more stable, and before he left we both checked there was a ringtone on the downstairs phone extension. So far … shh …

Rufus is settling down. He’s made friends with one of the cats and the other seems to be coming around, and he made friends with the rottweiler next door. He’s found where he likes to curl up and sleep – in either basket, on either settee or on my bed – and for the most part he knows it’s better if he goes outside when he needs to. So far … shh …

Builder man should have been here last week but it didn’t stop raining for 7 days so I didn’t chase him until Thursday just gone … and he’s about to go on holiday for a fortnight. So I have to text him on the day he comes back to remind him that I’m awaiting fencing, gates and flagstones.

This week just gone was a bit of a washout. Sleep was disturbed by the new pup. On day 1 when he slept through until 6am I thought it was going to be a breeze. However, on day 2 he was awake at 2am, on day 3 at 2:30am, on day 4 at 3:30am, and this morning it was 6am! It seems to be going in the right direction, but it’s meant late nights (keeping him up as long as possible) and long lie-ins (once he’s been up he can sleep solid for another 4 hours or more). I don’t do well with disturbed sleep, though, so everything else has suffered slightly.

Being tied to the house means I’ve started to catch up with chores again. I’m working my way down the washing basket (we had rain for 7 days … and not many of my clothes are suitable for the tumble drier), which means the ironing basket is starting to stack up. All of my books are back in the TBR bookcase. My office stuff is gradually moving back in or being weeded out permanently. And I’m getting back into a routine.

This weekend I may do some baking and some batch cooking. I’ll leave Rufus on his own while I go to the supermarket, but it will be a whistle-stop shop as this will be the first time.

I desperately need to do some yoga. I’ve sat for too long on one of the settees and then I’ve slept in the same position so I can keep half an eye on the dog during the night. For almost a week. And my back is in bits. So I’ve ordered 2 yoga DVDs, this one, which is a 4-disk collection, and this one, which is supposed to be good for beginners so I’m hoping it’s good for starting a  new, escalating routine.

I do love the yoga on the Wii-Fit Plus, but I’m not sure I’m doing it right, so I’m starting again. Rufus is still too small for his collar and lead, so keep fit will be the yoga and a daily 10-minute workout.

Work-wise I think I’m going to concentrate on the novels for a few weeks. I cleared all the outstanding contracted work (and was incredibly busy for weeks) and feelers are already out there for new work, but most of it is very seasonal.

Short material-wise I have my courses to do, so I’ll write for those and then send them off when I’ve had feedback. But I had my pay-off from the day job last Friday, a hefty tax rebate arrived this week, and I have another 3 – 4 months of wages coming in on top of all of that.

So I’m going to spend a few weeks on the novels, get at least one finished, and then crack on with the marketing for any more freelance work.