To the vet – part 2

I decided to take Rufus to the vet with us yesterday because he wasn’t liking being left on his own. I’ll have to wean him out of this, but for now it was better to take him.

Domino was great, Holly was a wimp. Domino had injections and was given tablets but Holly was just given tablets. The vet doesn’t think there’s very much wrong with Holly other than a slight upper airway infection. So Domino is on powerful antibiotics; Holly is on mild ones. They both go back in 2 weeks for their vaccinations.

Rufus was a star. He didn’t whinge or whine or wee or anything, was just incredibly loveable and irresistible. It’s his turn today. It should be easier with just him rather than also battling with 2 cat baskets.

Yesterday the advanced yoga DVD arrived ahead of the beginners’ one. This Total Yoga consists of 4 DVDs: Original – introduction; Earth – level 1; Water – level 2; and Fire – level 3. It’s not the one I wanted to tackle first, but the Original programme at least resembles, quite accurately, the Hatha yoga class I used to go to in the village.

They demonstrate more advanced versions of the poses on the DVD, but no very basic versions. It’s an hour long and, if the AM/PM one doesn’t come today, I may go and give it a try shortly. I’ve been working from a book and it’s much easier to follow a DVD, especially as this one includes full narrative as you go along with no rushing.

Ideally, though, I wanted to start with the beginners’ one and advance to the more advanced ones in a full, escalating programme, so that I get the full benefit and – hopefully – see improvements in posture, balance, stamina and strength as I go along.

The AM/PM DVD was sent out earlier than the Total one, so I’m going to have to see if I can track the parcel in case it doesn’t show.

The rest of today is writing. The novel.


6 thoughts on “To the vet – part 2

  1. devonellington 6 July 2011 / 12:27 pm

    Rufus already knows how to win friends everywhere, doesn’t he? Glad that Domino and Holly will both be okay.

    Enjoy working on the novel!


    • Diane 6 July 2011 / 12:43 pm

      Yes, it’s all settling down again. Thank goodness.


  2. Sarah Pearson 6 July 2011 / 3:30 pm

    Glad the trip to the vets was hassle free – or as much as it can be with three animals in tow 🙂

    Best of luck with the yoga!


    • Diane 7 July 2011 / 12:52 am

      It was hard work with 2 baskets and a puppy who has yet to grow into his collar and lead.


  3. Julie 7 July 2011 / 1:05 pm

    I always take both dogs when I go to the vets. It’s good for them to visit and know it’s not always there turn. So far neither one is scared of the vets. Poor lizzie used to hate it,


    • Diane 7 July 2011 / 1:39 pm

      It’s hard to carry 2 cat baskets and hold the lead of an excitable puppy. But when he’s older I may take him anyway, I didn’t want to leave him on his own as I didn’t know how long I’d be.

      Nice to see you here, btw. 😀


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