Getting there

The beginners’ yoga DVD did come in the post yesterday so I had 35 minutes on that and was delighted that it wasn’t too hard. I did think there should be a warm up routine and a cool down one, as some of the programmes launched straight into poses. But the 35 min one (and I presume the 45 min one) had warm up at the start and cool down at the end. So this is what I’ll start with.

It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I’m not as flexible as I’d like to be but I’m a lot more supple than I expected. I’ll see if I can complete the poses in the next day or so – i.e. touch shoulder to floor during side twist, and stuff like that – and then I’ll move on to first the 45 min routine and then the Total Yoga disks. There are routines for morning or evening, depending on the time of day (obviously) and what you want from them.

Rufus was good as gold at the vet again for his 2nd lot of injections. They gave him a free frisbee, which is a bit big for him at the moment. I’ve never really played frisbee with a dog, always played fetch with a ball.

Today is study work. I want to write an article for each of the writing schools and maybe a piece of flash fiction for the 5 stories in 10 weeks course. I also want to write another 1,000 on the novel.

The weather has changed again. We’re back in rainy season.