Getting better

We’re definitely getting there.

I didn’t go out at all over the weekend other than to the supermarket on Saturday via the post office so I could pay in some cheques to my bank – I keep forgetting the post office does this and wasn’t looking forward to going all the way into town. But I was able to do it on route.

While I was at the supermarket I’d shut Rufus in the kitchen. It’s a big kitchen and he had his basket, some toys, some chews, food, water and puppy training pads. Domino was upstairs but I knew she wouldn’t mind sleeping for an hour or so and I didn’t want Rufus climbing up there again in case he fell or got stuck. He’s still not big enough to do stairs by himself, and certainly not steep stairs like mine. Holly was out. The more times I go out and come back again the quicker he’ll realise I’m not abandoning him.

I overspent at the supermarket and I wasn’t happy about that, but I do have an extra mouth to feed. I’m hoping it balances out as previous weeks have still come in on budget. If I continue to overspend, however, I’ll just have to review the budget. Food is going up in price anyway, including milk, which I’m actually pleased about because the supermarkets are already seriously undercutting the dairy farmers.

On Saturday night I did 35 minutes of “good night’s sleep” yoga, and it really did help me – and Rufus – sleep longer. My back was absolutely killing me on Saturday afternoon, especially in the car. I could have cried with the pain. My alignment is seriously out and I’m staying in the same seated or sleeping positions for far too long. Sunday morning the back was easier, but I also have Achilles tendonitis, a clicking knee, a slight occasional hammer toe, and my hip joints are too tight.

Sunday I stayed in. I’m starting to get cabin fever but Rufus isn’t big enough to go for proper walks yet, he’s too small for his collar (I’ll get a smaller one if this continues to be a problem, until he grows), and he only had his final injections last Wednesday. I’ll take him to a couple of National Trust or English Heritage properties first as other dogs are more likely to be on leads. Then we’ll go to a couple of parks, and then I’ll take him on a few short rambles before showing him to the Ramblers.

We had a good night last night. We went to bed at 11pm (2 hours earlier than of late) and he woke me at about 2am because he wanted out. This is good because it means he knows he should go outside, but the puppy pads are still there in case he forgets or leaves it too late. Then he let me sleep until 8am. For the first time in weeks I was up before 9am.

I got up, fed the animals, had a cup of tea and did 35 minutes of wake up yoga. Then I had breakfast, got washed and dressed, played with Rufus for a while, and switched the pc on at 11am. Again, this may not sound great, but I’ve not felt like doing anything much before 3pm so to have the whole day before me is brilliant. By next week I hope to be up before 8am, and by the week after I want to be getting out of bed at 7am.

When I sat at my desk it wasn’t with loads of pain, so maybe the yoga is starting to work. If it doesn’t I’m off to see the doc, but I do think a lot of it is lack of movement, etc. If I massage the sore tendon, the bump and the pain both disappear, temporarily, so I’ll build in a couple of massage sessions. As for the rest, I’m hoping it comes (or goes) with exercise.

I’m gradually getting back on top of work, and I’m hoping this improves as I manage to get up earlier and feel better. I also hope to be able to start getting around other people’s blogs too, I’ve been neglecting everyone just recently.

On Friday I outlined 3 articles and 1 filler. On Saturday I outlined 2 short stories and drafted 2 assignments to go off for feedback. On Sunday I chillaxed. Today I want to start the first drafts of the writing pieces, and at least I have a few more hours today to do that.


2 thoughts on “Getting better

  1. devonellington 11 July 2011 / 12:43 pm

    I find that Pigeon position helps the hips and back a lot after sitting, and also backbends. I hate camel, but it makes me feel better after time hunched over a desk.

    Milk’s gone up a dollar since last year. Unfortunately, it’s not the dairy farmers getting the raise.


    • Diane 11 July 2011 / 1:11 pm

      I’ve not advanced as far as pigeon or camel yet, but one I’m finding very good is what I call goddess but she calls something else I can’t quite catch – the one on your back with knees bent and soles of feet together. That’s great for opening out the hips and back.

      The sitting problem is being on the sofa for too long (or in the car). Working at my desk I can pull the chair in far enough that the back rest is supporting me. I’ve started to use the rolled up yoga mat in the small of my back on the sofa. That seems to help too.

      Milk has gone up 4p a pint. Still not the same price my milkman charges but I’d bet the farmer gets more from my milkman than he does from Tesco. Fortunately this is just extra milk at the moment while Rufus still likes it.


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