Nothing to report

Today I have nothing to report.

All is well, everything is tootling along nicely, progress is still being made, words are still being written, books are still being read. I knew there would be days when I’d have nothing to say once I was back home.

Ah yes, the knee finally gave and is now in an elasticated bandage. As a result I’ve not done the AM yoga today, but I’ll do the PM yoga this evening. I thought I’d give the bandage time to do its work. Also, I was hungry when we all got up so had an earlier breakfast and I don’t like to do any kind of exercise on a full stomach.

Rufus had an “accident” and put himself in the dog house, complete with hang-dog expression. How can you get cross when a 13 week old puppy does that? Awe. Both cats came in last night and stayed in all night. They’re almost at the end of their medication, which is good because Holly in particular is ripping my hands to shreds.

And that, boys and girls, is it for today. Thank you and goodbye. 🙂