Yesterday, as it turned out, was partly an admin day.

I started off by setting up my international bank account details for Amazon so that they can send me my Kindle royalties for Night Crawler. Then I updated the Buy My Books page on here with the latest information.

The next job was quite a biggie. It consisted of converting the hardback version of Night Crawler to a paperback version. I had to re-do the cover and the copyright page, and I had to change the page size and the fonts. It’s done now, though, and I’ve ordered a proof copy to be sent before releasing it to the general public. Lulu are currently sending proof copies free of charge, apart from shipping, so I took advantage of that.

I’ll decide later whether to put it out to a wider retail sector as that costs me money (apx £45 or $75) and I need to decide if it’s worth the extra cost.

They’re now shipping from the UK, which will reduce both the postage cost and the time waiting for the book, but we still have to wait for it to be manufactured as it’s a print on demand book. This only happens for newly published books too, so the hardback, sadly, still comes from America.

I also dropped the price of both the hardback (to £11.09) and the ebook (to £1.87), but the ebook can only be accessed via the paperback page now. The paperback is £5.40. Amazon has already picked up the new price for the hardback.

I worked on the paperback because I really need to generate income again. I know I’m financially secure for up to a year, but I still need the money to come in so I’m not constantly dipping into savings. Because a lot of my work is seasonal, I was having moments of “I’ll never work again” and “I’d better look for a job”. But I know the work will come in really. I just need to think positively.

And …

This morning I had a really nice email from my boss at Pen & Sword. I’d tentatively (and cheekily) sent him a partial pitch for a non-fiction book to see if it was worth fleshing out into a proper, full pitch. I’d given him a basic outline but I suspected he’d check with his colleagues before coming back to me, and I knew he was in the middle of a busy production schedule.

Well, today he came back and has asked for a full and proper proposal, but he made a few suggestions for changes. Of course I’m on it straight away. That will be today’s job.

He also has another book for me to proof. Result.