We’re currently having thunderstorms, which means the internet is bouncing on and off. I keep snatching windows of time, but just as I’m about to do something crucial, poof! Off it goes again. So, a flying visit.

Rufus didn’t have his walk this morning. I worked until 1am this morning proof-reading the paperback so I can get the changes done and the book sent off into the global ether, and that meant we all slept in.

We didn’t make it to the vet either. I was just getting ready and rounding up the cats when the builder showed up to measure for the first job I need him to do, and the cats scarpered. So that’s been re-arranged for tomorrow.

The builder is doing the fence and gate work first and he’s coming next Monday morning – at 8am. (gulp)

The overdue invoice I chased so noisily on Friday has been paid. Today. Straight into my bank account. And so have 2 other invoices that were due at the end of the month. So I’ve transferred most of it over, left a month’s wages in for July, and kept (hopefully) enough to pay the builder. He’s having 2 pedestrian gates and a pair of vehicular gates made for me and, while he knows how much the small gates are going to be, he doesn’t know yet how much the bigger ones will cost.

Aside from the monthly wage I pay myself now, I like to leave £500 clear in the bank. I also have a £750 overdraft, but if I can keep it running at +£500 I should never need the overdraft again. I know a lot of people run their current accounts at +£1,000 and maybe one day I’ll be able to do that too. But mine was running so often at -£750 that I think I’m doing really well.

I now have, physically in the bank(s), enough money for almost 11 months pay + the builder’s wages. What a very long way I’ve come financially. I might just stop panicking now …

So I’ve kept enough for the builder, with a bit extra that probably won’t entirely cover the cost of the big gates, but I hope I can still manage it without having to transfer any more across.

Right, I’d best not push this internet thing in the storm (it’s hailing right now).