The builder man cometh

I’ve been so busy I didn’t switch the pc on since Thursday. I can’t even remember exactly what I’ve done since then, apart from proof-reading, writing, and walking the dog. I’m getting into that routine I needed but today it’s been disturbed again, but for another very good reason.

Friday I took the dog on a local walk from my front door, and we went on another on Saturday – there are around 5 different walks I can choose from. We’re up to a mile and a quarter, which knocks him out nicely. Saturday I also renewed a book at the library, returned a book and donated about half a dozen so that the authors may get PLR. I also did my supermarket shopping and a couple of washloads.

On Sunday I took Rufus to a nearby woods for another walk but was disappointed with the quality of both the walk guide and the waymarks – of which there were none. Later on our footpath officer from the local ramblers came to look at a public footpath we’ve reported, and then we went to have a quick look at 4 of these 5 walks. We might do a couple of joint walks for the ramblers that take in the footpaths that go through my village.

The builder is currently here fencing off my property so that my individual back yard is slightly bigger (I’m gaining about 4 feet across the whole width) and so that it’s more private. He’s putting in a 6 foot fence with pedestrian gate for wheelie bin and window cleaner access, and double gates for vehicular access.

I own all the land at the back of my house, we all do, but we have to leave access for all the people beyond us in the terrace. Fortunately, in my case, that’s just one more person. Fencing it off will define it better and, hopefully, keep out all the kids that don’t even live here “trespassing”. They can’t know they’re trespassing because it’s all open, but they are.

When it’s done I should also be able to work outside without kids and neighbours thinking it’s okay to chat. It will also mean I can let the dog out or feed the birds while still in my nightie and not worry that the entire neighbourhood can see me.

He keeps hitting gas pipes that are too close to the surface, so that’s slowed him down a bit, and Rufus keeps wanting to go out and play and while it’s open we’re both worried about him escaping onto the road. But it should be ever so nice when it’s finished, and when the fencing’s done he’ll start on the flagging …

I postponed a dental appointment this afternoon to next Monday, and while the builder went on his lunch break I took Rufus for a ride in the car to get some more money for the builder, and we stopped off on the way back for his daily walk.

While the builder’s here, and while we’re all distracted, I’m proof-reading the latest military book I have. It’s easier to pick up and put down and go back to than if I was writing something.

The builder will be here again tomorrow, and again on Thursday, by which time the garden should be enclosed and private. Then we’ll look at the flagstone job and he can break the price of that to me gently.