An even bigger quagmire

I hoped I’d have slabs by now, at least outside the back door. But the concrete that was down, which we initially thought was quite soft, was iron-hard and it took him all day to dig up the actual yard space, the 14′ square. He has yet to start the “utility” area beyond the gate.

This morning the slabs are being delivered to the front of the houses and he has to ferry them all around the back in a wheelbarrow, because there’s no way the delivery truck will get down the back-in. Vans have problems with all the washing lines, parked vehicles and sheds, so there’s no chance of a builder’s delivery making it down there.

Today the problem is rain. We had a shocking downpour at about 5am. It was so noisy I thought a street-cleaning truck was outside my bedroom window. They’ve forecast showers for the rest of today.

So, if I’m lucky, I may get some loose slabs down at some point today. Once the slabs are here he has to go and get the sand and cement.

I have towels all over my kitchen floor for when the animals run in and out. I don’t mind their muddy paw-prints on the kitchen floor so much as that can be washed (and scrubbed). But if the mud’s not off their paws by the time they reach the living room, then it’s all over the carpet.

Still, it will be nice when it’s all done.

The gig buddy dropped in to see us yesterday evening bearing flowers. I’ve been a bit fed up so she came to cheer me up. She couldn’t believe how much Rufus has grown since she came to see him a week after he arrived. But he was so excited at having a visitor, she managed to wear him out nicely for the evening. It was nice to see her and the flowers are lovely.

Tomorrow I’ll reveal the winner of the book giveaway. Keep everything crossed that I also have a “patio” instead of a “yard” very soon.


4 thoughts on “An even bigger quagmire

  1. Carol 11 August 2011 / 1:48 pm

    Lovely flowers and a lovely thought.


    • Diane 11 August 2011 / 11:15 pm

      It was a nice surprise. 🙂


  2. devonellington 11 August 2011 / 5:28 pm

    Sending you positive patio vibes. Do you have that brown kraft paper you can put down until it’s all done (on the carpets and in the kitchen?) Sometimes, I’ve found it easier than the towels.


    • Diane 11 August 2011 / 11:15 pm

      No, I don’t have any paper, but at least the towels are to hand, even if they do need washing every day.


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