Progress? Pah!

Well, I got the gig list updated, and the blog written, and the dog walked, and chores householded, but I didn’t do much proof-reading yesterday. A couple of extra jobs sneaked in.

I completely forget, every week, to schedule in a little bit of book marketing. I don’t like to bore people by continually posting reminders on Facebook or Twitter about my books, because when others clog up my news feed like that I just want to delete them – and my skin is far to thin for me to want to be deleted. So I do it once a week. But I forget to schedule it in every week. Maybe that will change next week onwards.

So another job I did, before posting the ads, was check my books are still for sale and check to see if there are any new ones to add. I added 3 new non-fiction books to the “more books” page (including 2 WW2 books), and I noticed that Amazon are no longer selling 2 of my Pedigree books.

This is ominous and quite worrisome, but it makes me all the more glad that I put my foot down earlier in the year and insisted I be paid. Had I not done that, I’d still be waiting for my wages and wondering what on earth has happened. There are other annuals no longer available to buy new too but while I’m glad to be out of it, I do hope my boss is okay there …

The other thing I keep forgetting to schedule in are my daily competition entries. If I do this every day it only takes a few minutes, but if I leave it, it can turn into a full time job. And this is only the cash competitions I enter, and maybe a few car competitions.

Anyway, all of that took up quite some time, and then I started to proof-read when I remembered the documents they want at the job centre today:

  • CV
  • P45
  • mortgage statement
  • redundancy letter
  • bank account statement
  • savings account statement
  • proof of cash … (!)

Cue search party. Don’t forget, not only have I closed down the office at work, I’ve also redecorated the office at home and much of it is still packed away in boxes.

I thought the statements would be fine, and the bank account one was. But the savings account site was down and it’s an e-saver account, i.e. no paper statements. I got on to their technical section and we sorted it out, but talk about panic. Of course, it would be fine to send any missing documentation later, but that would only delay things.

I found everything, though, and that’s where I am this morning. This afternoon it’s proof-reading.


8 thoughts on “Progress? Pah!

  1. Glad you managed to find anything. You’re right about the delays if you don’t have it all to hand, and the delays always seem to be out of proportion to the amount of extra time you took.

    Hope it’s not too dire!


  2. Carol

    Have you ever thought of giving talks about your books and living. Local libraries and book groups, not to mention writing groups would probably welcome you with open arms. It wouldn’t pay as such but you may get expenses, sell some books and get your name known. A few, local self-published authors are out and about here. Some giving talks about self-publishing itself.


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