A bit of a drama

At about 5am on Saturday morning, Rufus woke me up because he wasn’t feeling very well. For the next 3 hours he was up and down, in and out, spewing from both ends. And when he’d done, he flopped totally lifeless in his basket – although he did initially ask if he could sleep in the kennel outside.

I got him to the vet and it seems he had an intestinal blockage. Fortunately he’d fetched it up before it became too much of a problem. His body must have tried to expel it from one end, and when that didn’t work, it came back up the other way.

He’d not dehydrated by the time I got him to the vet, so he didn’t need an intravenous or anything. But he was put on medication to settle his tummy, bring down his temperature (that’s why he wanted to go outside to the kennel), and kill any infection. He also had a bit of an ear infection so he was given ear wash and ear drops too. And a rehydration sachet that he didn’t need in the end.

And what had caused the blockage? Stuffing. Out of a toy. One that the next door neighbour had given him. You know, the one with the rottweiler, the one I had to ask not to give treats and chews to the dog. I’d washed the ball before letting Rufus play with it, because it was old and dirty, and on Friday I chucked it away because it burst and I’d already taken a mouthful of stuffing out of his mouth. I must have missed a bit.

He’s fine now, still on antibiotics, still having his ears done. But he’s mostly back to normal with just a teeny bit of sickness this morning.

After we got back from the vet, he was so dopey and floppy that I thought it was safe to leave him and go to the supermarket … Famous last words. By the time I got back he’d managed to climb the stairs, something he’s only done once since he’s been here and something he’s done nothing but panic about ever since. I think he must have slipped and fell down them before and that put him off. But now he knows he can get upstairs – and more importantly, now that *I* know – I’m not carrying him any more, although I am still carrying him down them.

We didn’t go for a walk yesterday. Instead I did washing and baking and cooking. I baked a dozen cherry and fruit cookies, a wholemeal loaf and a banana and cherry bread. I also did a proper roast chicken dinner. That chicken is going to last me all week again. I hope I don’t get fed up of it before I reach the end.

It’s a busy week for me. I have the area ramblers this evening, back at the job centre tomorrow, and a local ramblers meeting on Wednesday. I also have quite a to do list – but more on that tomorrow.

We seem to have a wind picking up again at the moment. I hope it stays dry long enough to put some washing on the line.


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    1. I took Rufus around the town centre the other evening. He literally Hoovered the place up. They pick up anything anywhere, although a balloon? I think I ‘d wonder where that came from too. 🙂


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