The pitter-patter-pet shuffle

I have been soooo busy this week … I daren’t come on to the pc in the morning when I have other work to do because I start to surf and browse and join in and stuff, and before I know it the day’s gone, I’m not dressed, and I’m starving hungry. Plus the dog is tap-dancing all over the shop. So I’ve kept off it until I’ve completed the work for that day, and I still got lost and carried away.

Rufus is loads better. We’ve been on a few short walks this week, and I even took him into town. I finished the proof-reading job but missed the post, so I decided to take it in by hand – and that was an adventure in itself. First off, taking a crazy dog around town – he kept wanting to play with all the mannequins and every single person that walked past was there for him – and then finding the right building. But 2 lads finishing their shift at the newspaper helped me and popped my package in the internal post. I’ve not heard from my editor yet. I hope he got it.

I’m loads better too, although I did feel a bit “arthritic” this morning. The animals were doing the pitter-patter-pet shuffle until 3am gone and I think I fell straight to sleep and then didn’t budge from that position for the next 6 hours.

Because some jobs took a while longer than I expected, I didn’t achieve my full list this week – but it was a big list. Here’s how I’ve done so far:

  1. BCJ tutorial 6 
  2. diary work 
  3. proof-reading 
  4. job centre appointment 
  5. gig list 
  6. book marketing
  7. BCJ tutorial 7 (no assignment 6) (today)
  8. book-keeping (in prep for tax return) X
  9. BCJ assignment 7 (today)
  10. BCJ tutorial 8 X
  11. tax return X
  12. BCJ assignment 8 X
  13. invoices (today)
  14. banking 
  15. update blog (work day) daily √ X X 
  16. walk dog daily √ X (today)
  17. daily household chores √ √ √ √ 

The crosses will be moved to pole position next week. Well, apart from the mid-week crosses on some of the dailies.

So, that was the week that was … Nothing planned for the weekend, other than a 2 mile walk in the woods on Sunday and possibly a gig, if one takes our fancy. Y’all have a great one, though.


4 thoughts on “The pitter-patter-pet shuffle

  1. devonellington 16 September 2011 / 1:31 pm

    Have a relaxing and restorative weekend!


    • Diane 19 September 2011 / 11:30 am

      Ho ho ho – it was quite busy in the end. 🙂


  2. Sarah Pearson 17 September 2011 / 1:19 pm

    Have a wonderful weekend. Glad Rufus is feeling better.


    • Diane 19 September 2011 / 11:30 am

      His digestive system is still a bit suspect, but he’s fine in himself.


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