So much to do … (major list alert)

I have so much to do and no idea where to start, so instead of sitting my ass on that seat and getting on with it, I’m faffing again. On Facebook again. Okay, okay, so bum is still on seat, but you get the picture.

The weekend was a goodun again in the end, although I have yet to do my shopping. I’ll walk the dog later and go then, when he’s sleeping it off in the kitchen. I didn’t have time to do that in the end on Saturday because we decided to go out after all, and Sunday the shop shuts at 4pm, which gives me no time.

We decided at the last minute to go and see a band on Saturday. This is a band I’ve been promising to see for ages and they were at our most local of pubs. We were so glad we went in the end – we usually are – because we had another great time.

I was going to take Rufus to Wickersley Woods in Rotherham for his longer walk, but it’s a little bit far when I’m on an economy drive. I took him, instead, to Hemsworth Water Park, a favourite park of mine but one he’d not been to yet. I doubt we’ll go very often because dogs have to be kept on leads and he needs a good run. It poured with rain, we got soaked, he got very muddy. But it was another good walk for us.

The great de-clutter got a kick-start when I needed to find my tax return. I had a good session going through a pile of rubbish, keeping what needed to be kept, shredding and chucking out. When I found it, and all the paperwork I need to complete it, I discovered we have until the end of October now to submit. That will give me time to collate all of my receipts and expenses details too. The income side is quite straightforward, but I have receipts and bills all over the place.

I also made a half-hearted start on the ironing. I don’t think I’ve done any ironing for 3 months or more, and the basket wasn’t empty the last time I did any. I placed 32 items in a smaller basket, will all good intentions, but only managed 12 in the end, leaving 20 in this “to do now” basket and even more in the main ironing basket. I think some of the stuff must have been there for 2 or 3 years, actually, and keeps getting left at the bottom. In the next de-clutter sesh, those will go in the next charity bag, I think.

So, in an attempt to focus and straighten things out in my mind,  here’s the next list. It’s not necessarily for this week, but more in the order it needs doing some time before the end of this month:

  1. (work day) daily blog
  2. BCJ 7
  3. BCJ 8
  4. weekly invoices
  5. walk dog daily
  6. weekly shopping
  7. household chores
  8. BCJ 9
  9. WB 9
  10. Catch the Rainbow (work day) daily (hurrah!)
  11. weekly gig list
  12. weekly book marketing
  13. BCJ 10
  14. Ramblers
  15. diary work
  16. weekly admin
  17. road trip to Birmingham
  18. BCJ 11
  19. job shop
  20. BCJ 12
  21. book-keeping
  22. tax return

I’d best get on …


8 thoughts on “So much to do … (major list alert)

  1. Sarah Pearson 19 September 2011 / 12:23 pm

    Yep, that is a very long list 🙂

    I’m afraid I’ve become an ‘iron as you need it’ type of person. I couldn’t bear the guilt I felt every time I looked at the basket!


    • Diane 20 September 2011 / 12:31 pm

      If I don’t do the ironing I end up buying more clothes. Also, it’s bad energy having a full ironing basket knocking about. I need to declutter everything.


  2. devonellington 19 September 2011 / 1:42 pm

    Quite the list! Glad you had a good walk, even if it was raining!


    • Diane 20 September 2011 / 12:31 pm

      Yeah, and the list gets longer by the hour …


  3. Carol 20 September 2011 / 8:38 am

    Good luck with it all. I’m a bit run off my feet at the moment, so apologies for not being around, hopefully life will return to ‘normal’ soon.


    • Diane 20 September 2011 / 12:31 pm

      I thought you might be busy. Hope everything is ok.


  4. esmeraldamac 20 September 2011 / 12:48 pm

    The ironing basket made me laugh – I think you’ve got it – the bottom ten items need to go to the charity shop! And… ever thought of buying non-iron clothes? Ironing is clearly not ‘your thing’!

    If you file your taxes online, you’ve got until the end of January. Mine can get a bit involved, but I still find the online system fine.


    • Diane 20 September 2011 / 12:59 pm

      I’ve started replacing stuff with non-iron clothes. I have a lot of “work” clothes that will probably go to the charity shop now too, although I’ll keep a few “just in case”. They’re all quite a few years old anyway as I bought a lot of them after I started at Tata/Corus. I also wish we had more tumble-dry-able clothes in the UK. The ones I have mostly came from Canada.

      I like doing the tax return, I like filling in forms and technology has taken quite a lot of that away. Plus, there’s a bigger gap between me filing and if they need any money. I don’t think they will this time, and I’ll probably get a refund next time, but all the same, it’s still nice to have that longer gap.


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