Wall to wall appointments

Following the dreadful weather of the night before I noticed that my brand new, unbudgeted, expensive guttering was leaking over the join with the next door neighbour who had hers done at the same time. Leaking quite badly. So I had to recall the builder out who put it there. He dropped in on his way home from work, as he only lives in the next street, and will drop by in the next day or so to fix it once the weather improves.

Today is a day of appointments. I did have work to do and some admin, but as half the day was already taken with meetings and such, I thought I may as well go the whole hog.

First off is a run to the vet for Rufus. He’s okay, bright enough, hungry, playful, etc. But his stomach isn’t really settled. So I’m taking him for another check-up just to make sure.

Then I’m off to see the practice nurse at our doctor’s surgery for a routine check-up of my own.

I’ll squeeze in a dog walk before heading off to see a mate and get fitted for a fancy dress outfit we’re considering. I have another mate on standby who said I could raid her (punk) wardrobe, but we’ve not arranged anything yet and I’m worried that she’s a lot smaller than me. A lot.

Then it’s off for 2 hours of boredom at the hairdresser, to be followed by a supermarket run.

I should be home by 7pm, by which time my guest may have arrived and be waiting in the pub, or he may be coming up tomorrow. That depends on work, family, weather, his bike, mood, etc.

In between I may manage some short story work, the daily competitions, and perhaps food.

Have a great weekend.


10 thoughts on “Wall to wall appointments

  1. A busy ol’ time for you! Hope you and Rufus are fine.

    I am, however, intrigued by the two-hour hairdressing trip. Either Yorkshire hairdressers take a lot of coffee breaks, or you’re planning something revolutionary… and I expect pictures of the fancy dress outfit 😉


    1. You forget. I now live in the Land That Time Forgot, where what used to take 40 minutes in Civilisation takes 2 hours. Am having my foils done, and the party’s next week.


  2. Carol

    Fancy Dress? Explain please.
    Hope Rufus is on the mend. I always take at least 2 hours at the hairdresser, but then there is a lot of grey to cover and miracles to be worked.
    Think of me on Sunday ‘performing’ my so called poetry. Now, that could be interesting!
    Have a brilliant weekend.


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