Back in the groove

Slowly but surely I’m getting into a routine and sticking to it, which is resulting in more productivity too. It’s on a go-slow at the moment while I lubricate that writing machine, but in a few weeks I reckon I’ll double my weekly output and hopefully – thus – my income.

Rufus has managed not to be sick for 2 days. He’s not stretching his gut so much, he’s not wolfing food. He’s still scavenging but I’m getting used to that now and know when to screech at him. Maybe it was worms after all and the giant, eff-off worming tablet the vet gave us has done the trick.

Monday was a slow day with me getting back into things. I just settle down when life takes another exciting or interesting turn and it throws me into sixes and sevens for a while. I had a steady day, just me and the diary.

I walked the dog too, but when we got back – in the pouring rain (with no coat) – the back door key managed to get stuck in the lock and we couldn’t get in. Painterman, who is also my local handyman, took his dinner off the stove and was on his way over the get me in when I kicked the door and the key worked. He was able to get back to his tea with a promise to come over and take a look soon but in the meantime I’m to spray it with WD40. I couldn’t believe the lock going too, what with the fence post and the guttering already. But at least we got in again. Just one of the reasons I take my phone with me …

On Tuesday I managed to write an outline for one article and the 1st draft for another before heading into town for some shopping and the job centre. When I got back I had a blister from walking through Barnsley in the wrong shoes, but I still had to take Rufus for his walk.

Today I want to update the gig list, do my usual book marketing, then I have draft 2 of one article to write and draft 3 of another. The 3rd draft is the first typed draft. Then it’s another dog walk.

Thanks for all the NaNo feedback and opinions. I think if I do it this year I’ll apply it to an existing project. I certainly can’t start a new project. I will, however, be geeing and cheering my mates along who are taking part. I don’t need their word counter because I have my own. But I may register so I can get a participant badge, and I’ll keep off the forums as they clearly have an adverse affect on me.


2 thoughts on “Back in the groove

  1. Sarah Pearson 12 October 2011 / 9:45 am

    I’m glad Rufus seem better. It seems like things are starting to settle down for you – sticky doors notwithstanding 🙂


    • Diane 12 October 2011 / 11:36 am

      I spoke too soon on the sickness front … 😦


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