Getting back to normal

After taking the weekends off, the weeks are certainly filling up nicely with work and as things start to settle, I’m starting to think about doing some writing at the weekends too. This means things must be getting back to normal again. At last. It’s only taken … 6 years?

This week I have the “heavy proof” to finish and get back to the publisher. I’m going to try to get that finished tomorrow so I can drop it in by hand tomorrow afternoon, when I’m also due at the job centre.

I have my friend’s script to finish critiquing. We’re meeting up Thursday evening so I can hand it back to him – and have a natter.

There’s the usual gig list and book marketing admin to do, then I want to do my tax return. By Friday I’ll be back to the writing schedule.

I know I wasn’t going to do it this year, but I think I am going to be a closet NaNo-er after all – so don’t nobody tell anyone, yeah? I may apply it to Catch the Rainbow, or I may apply it to the one I half-started last year, Laguna Sunrise, now that I’m discovering more markets for 50,000-word novels. But I won’t be starting anything new. And with full support I’m going to do 1,667 words per day, every day. Even at the weekends …

If I do do Laguna Sunrise for NaNo, I’ll still do Catch the Rainbow as part of the day job. I don’t know why, but I feel as though I can now, whereas before the thought was quite daunting.

And I won’t go on any of the NaNoWriMo forums. If I do it, I’ll do it here and with the Seriously Serious Scribes on Facebook. Though I may go and get my NaNo badge …

I’m starting to feel like a freelance writer again. It’s been a while coming. Perhaps I’m content.

Actually, I think it’s more a case of not having to do absolutely *everything* myself any more – I’m not getting exhausted doing everything. I even enjoyed cooking a Sunday dinner yesterday and didn’t have to worry about the washing up. And I’m having cups of tea made for me.

It’s the little things …


6 thoughts on “Getting back to normal

  1. It is the little things, you’re right. And the sense of support that comes from knowing that there’s assistance available if you ask – even if you don’t ask! Everything looks very positive at the moment!


    1. It’s the assistance on tap that’s taking some getting used to. I’m quite independent now, and apparently set in my ways. But I suppose that’s to be expected after nearly 6 years of just me and the animals.


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