Another job jobbed

I worked late last night so I knew the “heavy proof” would be ready to take with me today. I finished after 10pm and got the book all packaged up. I’ll do the invoice on Friday.

This means I can bring forward one of the writing jobs from Friday to today, and everything else will move forward too.

It’s a busy day, though. I’m dropping my car in first thing to have the brakes done, then I get the bus back and do a few hours work. I’ll take the book on another bus into town when I go to the job centre, then I’ll get the bus back to the garage and collect my car. Once I know how much it’s costing, I can move the money over.

Rufus is a bit up and down. I hesitate to say when he’s gone a few days without being ill because that invariably causes him to be ill again. Almost immediately in fact. We think he’s been fetching up hopefully the last of the worms, and we’re hoping they’re dead. If he’s sick again I’m calling the vet to see how long that massive tablet she gave him will take to clear them. (whispers) He’s not been sick since Saturday though …

Apart from the vomiting there’s absolutely nothing wrong with him. He’s still a hyperactive little puppy with lots of energy. He’s been having lots of little meals throughout the day, including the odd Bonio treat (although he doesn’t seem to like that from me) and he’s been drinking water and puppy milk. He loves milk, but cow’s milk upsets his stomach, so I thought I’d try him with the puppy milk for now.

The heating has been on a few times over the past few days and I don’t think he likes it very much at all. He’s far too hot and keeps going out to sit in the kennel. I suppose that’s one way of keeping the energy bills down …

I have a busy day, I’d best get on with it.


4 thoughts on “Another job jobbed

  1. Carol 25 October 2011 / 8:56 am

    Things are sounding great. You do sound so relaxed and content and happy. Is it really six years since you moved into the house? Goodness, time is scary.
    Fingers crossed for Rufus.


    • Diane 25 October 2011 / 12:51 pm

      It’ll be 6 years in January when I moved into the house. It’s about 6 years since I gave the *final* ultimatum … which wasn’t believed until the morning after I moved out … (sigh). Too late, sorry.


  2. devonellington 25 October 2011 / 4:03 pm

    The work seems to be going well, and fingers crossed that Rufus is over the worst of it.


    • Diane 25 October 2011 / 6:08 pm

      I have another month’s worth of worming pills …


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