Worra day

So I started off by taking the car in to have its brakes fixed. They weren’t playing up but when the car had its MOT back in May, the front brakes were flagged and we thought it best to wear them as far as I legally could but check them before winter. And that’s what I did.

On the way home I caught a bus and bought a day saver bus ticket. I dropped in to the vet to pick up another worming tablet for the dog, and I asked for another as they recommended I do it at least every 2 weeks until about a month after I last see worms … and then give him another one.

At home I managed a couple of hours pottering around, but the bus timetables meant I didn’t have all day. I gave the dog his latest worming tablet and got him to eat a vegetable-based chew in the shape of a giant toothbrush (he LOVED it – must get more) and one bowl of biscuits. I wanted to make sure the pill stayed down.

At 2pm, right after dinner (we have it in the middle of the day in Yorkshire and in Birmingham), I headed off again to town.

My first stop once there was at the publisher to drop in the “heavy proof” I finished the night before. I’ve been working with them since March but we hadn’t actually met, or even spoke. It was all done by email and post. So I had a lovely long informal chat with my own boss and his boss. (I found out that they call a book that’s not even been edited a “heavy proof”, and one that has been edited a “light proof”.)

The upshot is I’ll have more of the same of what I delivered yesterday, which is good because it’s more money, and as much proofing as he can send me. As soon as the Christmas print run is done, he’ll also have me on editing. Then his boss asked if I fancied a spot of publishing for a new line they’re toying with. Of course I said of course – once I found out how much they’ll pay.

All in all it was a very good meeting and well worth the investment of dropping in.

Next appointment was the job centre, where the staff were delighted with the amount of work I’ve been doing to try and find work … I got the impression this was a novelty. Or they gush over everyone that fills in their job search book every day.

Then it was back to the bus station to jump on another timetabled bus to go back and collect my car. Just as my bus pulled in the garage called me to let me know they’d changed all discs and pads on the front brakes.

I got to the garage just as they were locking up – they would have given my keys and bill to the petrol station next door had I not arrived before they went – and I had another long chat with my mate there who owns the place about a possible colour feature I could write. Nothing to do with cars or mechanics or petrol …

By the time I got home I was shattered. Rufus ate a Bonio for me, and another bowl of biscuits, and the cats did a kitty-kat shuffle before settling down to their tea. After tea I curled up with my mate’s film script for the evening as I’m handing that back on Thursday evening.


Today it’s uploading the gig list for November, my weekly book marketing, an article outline I didn’t get around to yesterday, and making a start on my tax return.

Sounds positively relaxed compared to yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Worra day

  1. Carol 26 October 2011 / 3:43 pm

    Getting busier by the moment though!


    • Diane 27 October 2011 / 10:48 am

      Yes – wish the money was coming in just as fast. 🙂


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