Looking forward to the weekend

My mate cried off last night because he wasn’t feeling very well. We’ve re-scheduled for next Wednesday instead.

It’s a good job he cancelled, actually, as by the time I’d finished my tax return it was 10pm. I can’t believe how much I’d let the whole thing slip, and I found receipts dating back to 2005 that I hadn’t claimed before. I believe we have up to 6 years, so I just about managed it.

That really was what yesterday was all about in the end and poor Rufus didn’t get his walk until really late. I forgot to pause to eat. Ee, it brings back memories of when I used to do this proper like before.

Today then is a trip to the post office to send my tax return by recorded delivery to make sure it gets there on Monday. I might actually have to send it by special delivery – in which case I’m going to fold it and put it in a smaller envelope to save money.

I also have an article to outline, a first draft to write, invoices to raise (hurrah!), and the usual daily gubbins.

I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. It’s my friend’s 50th birthday tomorrow, so we may go to a gig as a foursome, but aside from that I intend to chill. I’ll also buy all the trick-or-treat goodies ready for Monday.

Have a great weekend.


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