No internet

I currently have no broadband internet. This is mostly due to Rufus eating right through the power cable to the router. I already had to replace my phone charger at the weekend and now, today, I’ve had to order a new power supply unit for the broadband.

Apologies for this interruption. Normal service WILL resume … it just may take a few days.


8 thoughts on “No internet

  1. Wheelie

    Sympathy here. I have network cable to repatch. I wondered why I couldn’t latch into my daughters computer – and of course, the last thing I checked was the cabling. It had been Wooflered. Sheesh.


  2. Wheelie

    We’ve had Siggy – aka, Sigma, since he was five weeks – he’s now 20 months. Otherwise known as ‘Mr. Chompy’

    Normally it’s my arm or my sleeve where he tries pull me where he wants me to go. You should see the sleeves on my best shirts.

    It’s hard look like James Bond with shredded cuffs. (wink!)


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