Walking in Wickersley Woods

I was supposed to be going walking with Ramblers on Sunday, but it was a 6 mile walk and Rufus just hasn’t done that far yet. I took him for a walk the day before that was a bit longer than our usual, and he lay down 3 times. But aside from that, his behaviour still needs work as he’s disobedient around other dogs – but only around other dogs. The rest of the time he’s golden.

So I found a doorstep walk in Rotherham instead and we did 2 miles around Wickersley Woods, and he was golden … apart from one time when we came upon 2 other dogs. He just forgets how to behave. As there are at least 3 other dogs that go rambling, including a guide dog and a retired guide dog, I can’t take him yet until he’s calmed down further.

It was only a 2 mile walk, but it was wet and muddy, although the fog made it feel quite cosy. The walk was waymarked too and it was quite nice. But because of the fog I couldn’t take any pictures – and I did have the camera with me. We’ll do the walk again on a brighter day and this time I’ll take pictures.

Yesterday was very busy, as expected. I wrote the 3rd and final drafts of 4 articles and got them checked, polished and submitted before the end of the day. One had to go by snail mail, so that was our teatime walk, to the letterbox and back.

I also made quite a few market notes from Freelance Market News. I have a good list of receptive and reasonably paying markets and already the ideas machine is churning away. It will be expensive to buy them all, but it’s investment and all tax-deductible. I only need to sell one article to each magazine to clear the cover price and be in profit.

Today I have a new article to plan, a book to proof, and a walk report to do for the local papers. I’m also in town this afternoon.