Here we go again

Snow? SNOW? What snow? All weekend I’ve “watched” snow “fall” down the country on Facebook and Twitter, starting up in Scotland before moving down to Sunderland, then to Leeds, and then – THEN! – to Barnsley. I keep checking through the window but, as usual, we’re the last to see any here. It’s going right over the top of our village. Again.

We have had hail, though, and it has been quite cold these past couple of days. But currently we have damp on the ground and sunshine in a cold, blue sky. And no snow.

I had a lovely relaxing weekend. I did the shopping Friday night, we walked up to the village on Saturday, and on Sunday we went for a drive out to a couple of motorbike accessory stores. The rest of the time was spent chillaxing in front of the telly.

Today I’m raring to go. I raised some invoices on Friday (altogether now, “Hurrah!”) and those are going out today. I’ve cut a time-consuming waste of time game out on Facebook. Of course, they’re all a waste of time, but I like to have some relaxation every now and again. So I’ve kept just 2, one that has a weekly goal (to beat everyone else), and one that has an ultimate goal (to complete the game). Anything else, apart from Spider Solitaire, has to be ignored.

I need to notch up a gear and get working on getting work out there and in.

This morning then is mostly admin, and this afternoon is mostly writing. I’m writing 1,000 words a day on Catch the Rainbow (must change that word meter), and last job of the day is taking the dog on his imaginary walk. I also have a short story and an article to write, 2nd and 1st drafts respectively, today.