The bit in the middle

So I had one appointment this morning and I have another this afternoon, so this is the bit in the middle where I say hello and have a catch up.

I had my minor operation this morning. It took me longer to park the car than it did to have the op, but all went well and I was away half an hour after I got there … well, it was almost an hour after I got there but I mean after my appointment time.

I had to stop off and buy another new phone charger because the dog has chewed phone charger number 4. I actually bought 2 again, one for upstairs – in a permanent place with all the cable hidden from you-know-who – and one downstairs so I don’t have to disturb the one upstairs. I got a free in-car charger too because I bought 2 accessories and got one free. Weekend man can have that as I already have one.

Another stop on the way back was the post office. I’ve sold a few DVDs, CDs and computer games. Not worth a great deal but better than collecting dust or in my bin. I’d already boxed the parcel up and labelled it so it was ready to go.

Yesterday I wrote draft 1 of an article. Today I want to write draft 2 plus draft 2 of a short story. I also have one article and one short story to plan, and I’m going to plan a “my health/my operation” story too.

And then it’s my afternoon appointment followed by the dog’s imaginary daily walk.


2 thoughts on “The bit in the middle

  1. quo 6 December 2011 / 12:50 pm

    hope you feel better soon babes. see you soon xxx


    • Diane 6 December 2011 / 1:49 pm

      Feel fine, ta. Was just a teeny tiny minor op. 🙂 xx


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