Full throttle forward

Today, then, sees me pull out all the stops and really move forward on getting work in. I’ve started, in a half-hearted fashion, although the intention was there from the start. But various things kept cropping up that had to be dealt with, illness, accidents, operations and the like. The deck is clear now, though, and I have the right mindset. It’s going to be a busy few weeks but it will pay off.

It already started this morning with the first offer of a fiction editing job. I’ve only been waiting for this one for about a month, so that’s not too bad at all. Fingers crossed it’s all set into motion for me to work on in the run up to Christmas. Meanwhile, I have another book to proof on its way too. That’s a good week’s wages in just one email.

Yesterday I was going to plan one article but ended up planning a pitch instead, for either a one-off large article or a short series for a short column. This is the nutter magnet project. I’ve also packed lots of jobs into the diary, but some of those will shift for the proofing work that’s on its way. Although I like to have work in for several months, I’ve started to finalise the diary just 2 weeks ahead now, so I’m not wasting time changing too much if one of my pitches comes in.

Today I have the gig list to update and my weekly book marketing job to do. I also have the 2nd draft of an article to write and I want to outline the first of my new monthly market notes articles. I’ll do an hour on Catch the Rainbow – around 1,000 words – and then take the dog on his imaginary daily walk.

Tomorrow I’m working on the media liaison pack. I was going to just do an email, but I think I’m going to put together a marketing pack consisting of cover letter, CV, business card and 2 samples of work. I think it’s always nice to see something like that come through the post, but I’ll also be able to do an email submission too if anyone wants one.

What I’m not sure about, however, is whether to package it together in a simple folder or just use a paperclip. What would you do? Or, more importantly, if you were a marketing manager, what would you prefer to see?