Tuesday 13 December 2011

I emptied another 2 bags of clutter yesterday. I didn’t do anything with much of it, as one bag was a pile of magazines. As those are so old, I think they’re going to go straight into the recycle bin. The other was a bag of stationery bits from the office. Those are currently cluttering up my desk top (next to the magazines that just need relocating), but it’s nice to be finding so much stuff and not having to pay for any of it.

Today’s de-clutter chore may be to de-clutter the desk top … But at least I’m getting there. Slowly.

I keep finding labels and envelopes and in one box of envelopes I even found 36 2nd class postage stamps. Those will be very useful over Christmas and will save me some money. Well, I say save, but I’ve already paid for them at some point. I just got them with their 2nd class marking when they were much cheaper than they are at the moment.

Some of the clutter is going straight in the bin … and then it comes straight out again the second I take my eyes off the dog …

Today I have 2 jobs to do. I have a book to proof-read for Pen & Sword, and I have my 1,000 words to write for Catch the Rainbow. Then the dog will get his imaginary walk. I need to find my wellies first, though. It’s very, very wet here and the last time I saw them was February when we were clearing snow, so they can’t be far away.

It’s nice to have a couple of gentle jobs in the run up to Christmas. If I get this book proofed early, though, I might have a bit of a freelance blitz. I’m part way through a few articles and a short story so want to get those shifted too if I can. I have another book in scheduled to start on Thursday, but the same will apply there too.

I’m not sure if this side of Christmas is a good time to be cold-contacting marketing managers. Meanwhile, while I think about that, I’m reading Write to Sell by Andy Maslen to get me in the right frame of mind.