Feeling festive

Last week I got my overseas cards off in time for the last guaranteed post, apart from one person whose new address I didn’t have. Yesterday I did all the domestic ones and got those posted too. Last night I wrapped up all the presents I bought on Monday and put them under the tree.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas … and this li’l’ fella is my tree-topper.

I did a lot more de-cluttering too and I think I’ve finally run out of piles to go through at least in the bedroom/office. There are still bags and boxes lying around, but those are in the spare room and out of sight, out of mind … for now.

Another job I ended up doing yesterday was sorting out a new guestbook for the gig list as the existing one was getting absolutely spammered. It was starting to take up so much of our time that my mate tootled off and found another guestbook for us, and once I got settled, I got it done.

Hopefully the time we save not wiping spam from the guestbook several times a day will now be better spent. Much better spent.

Today is more proof-reading before I head off to do the weekly shop.

The plan is to batch-make a chilli con carne on Saturday and any baking I feel like doing. On Sunday we have a gig to go to in town. I may also do some ironing and, of course, there are those imaginary walks to take the dog on.

Next week is so busy and so badly organised that I’m doing something every single day. I hate that. I’d much rather get all the chores and errands done in one go and so have the rest of the week to work. But that’s not going to happen next week. I should have just given myself the week off and had done with it. But I have more proof-reading to do and I’m hoping that editing comes in too.

It’s the last crazy weekend before Christmas. What do you have planned for yours?


4 thoughts on “Feeling festive

  1. esmeraldamac 16 December 2011 / 10:43 am

    Well, I was going to write today, have a nice lunch out on Saturday, finish the Christmas cakes, put up the decorations, write out the cards, wrap the presents, and then visit the parents and grandparent on Sunday. Now I’m panicking today, in the recording studio tomorrow, and down in Manchester on Sunday. The rest will be jammed in around the edges. Eeek!

    Have a good weekend, and if you feel like offering your wrapping and baking skills, come over ‘ere. We have proper snow 🙂


    • Diane 16 December 2011 / 10:51 am

      Ooh, be worth it for proppa snow. 🙂

      Good luck in the studio.


  2. Melissa Marsh 16 December 2011 / 10:40 pm

    I just have to wrap presents. I *think* I got everything bought, though I’m still waiting on a last minute package that I purchased today. I may make another batch of cookies, but I’m not sure as my waistline is not very forgiving at the moment! All our snow also melted, so it doesn’t feel as “Christmasy” here. I hope we get some more.


    • Diane 19 December 2011 / 11:10 am

      You’re more likely to get more snow than we are. Fingers crossed. 🙂


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