Slow day

Today is a bit like wading through treacle.

I had a late start and was still quite tired after a bark-filled night. If I have the window open, the dog barks at everything and anything (he’s recently only discovered his bark properly); if I have the window closed, he gets too hot (hot sausage dog) and is very restless. As I was warm too, the window was opened … and the dog’s bark got lots of practise.

I’m plodding down the to-do list, though, even if I am a bit late with this. Maybe the dog walk after lunch will wake me up a bit. Or tire me out. Who knows?

In between jobs and chores (today it’s been gig list for January, proof-reading, writing) I’m thinking of what I want to achieve next year. I know I have to get Catch the Rainbow done, and I’d like to get a first draft of The Fool down too.

If I knew these were going to sell and if I was already living off royalties, I’d probably be able to write 3 novels in a year, be editing one while working on the next and while marketing another. But as I still have a living to start to earn, I need to do other stuff too. Maybe one day. (sigh)

So I need to factor in articles, queries, stories, fillers, letters, marketing, proof-reading and editing too. But as I don’t know if many of these will sell until they go out, and as I don’t know what books I have to work on until they come in, I’m not sure I can really measure any of this.

I know I need to earn £xx,xxx in a year just to make ends meet, but I don’t know how many of what I write will achieve that. So I have to do it per item or per submission, and I have to get the pitches out there so I get commissions, although experience last year taught me that even commissions aren’t always honoured …

And I need to get the novels circulating.

How do you measure what work you do? Do you do it by money or by item? And how do you ensure those sales?