This week’s to-do list

I know it’s a bit late, and I usually do this on a Monday, but I’m thinking about doing it later in the week anyway with, by then, lots (hopefully) of lovely ticks. I print it off at the start of the week anyway and pin it to my notice board, and tick things off as I go along. They’re also in their designated slots, in pencil, in the diary. And those get ticked too. In pen.

Bearing in mind we had 2 public holidays this week, Monday instead of Christmas Day and Tuesday instead of Boxing Day, I worked anyway and have been a busy little bee. When you consider I only have 5 working hour-long slots per day, I think this is quite a good list (even if I do say so myself).

Here it is, then, this week’s list along with lovely, lovely ticks:

  • daily blog 
  • daily comps 
  • diary work 
  • walk dog daily 
  • proof-read book #1 (Great War) 
  • 1,000 words per day on Catch the Rainbow (Tue to Sun) X X  (tut tut)
  • draft #2 travel article 
  • plan Jan markets article #1 
  • gig list for January 
  • household chores (baking, cooking, cleaning, etc) 
  • New Year’s Day ramble with Ramblers 

I still have work to do though … and I’m itching to add a couple of other pitches in there so they’re waiting on the editors’ desks next week.

EDIT: I’m adding ticks as the week progresses.