Worn out at the weekend

I know this one’s late, but I had to get my review and plan up before anything else. I should have scheduled that one to post on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, but to be honest I was still thinking about it all.

Last week I did knock off work early. I’d been busy, a lot had happened, and I was shattered. I knew if I carried on I’d burn out and then be rubbish for a good fortnight. So I took the New Year weekend off, sort of, and a couple of things on the tail end of last week’s to-do list will appear at the top of this week’s to-do list.

Friday I just chilled in front of the telly. I can’t remember what I watched but it must have been good as I didn’t fall asleep.

On Saturday I did the shopping and some housework, and I baked. I made pastry and a dozen cherry buns and cooked a Quiche Lorraine with some of the pastry. I saved a large batch of pastry to make a turkey and ham pie but I wasn’t happy with the state of the turkey by the time I was ready to make that pie. I’ll probably make an apple pie with the pastry instead.

Saturday evening I went to bed early because I was walking the next day. At about 10:30pm the neighbours came and got me up, banging on the door, and they dragged me across the road to have a drink with them for the New Year. Rufus was dragged over too and I said we’d stay for half an hour.

Har, har. At 11:45pm I said we may as well stay for Big Ben as everyone was having lots of fun with Rufus and he was getting lots of fuss. We went home at 12:10 where he keeled over onto his side and slept for the whole night.

Sunday dawned bright and sunny, so I packed a rucksack and off we trotted to join the Ramblers for a New Year’s Day hangover walk. It was only 5 miles but the first time I’d taken the dog with a crowd of people, and there was one other dog out with us. He was on his best behaviour, I only let him off the lead twice, but he came when I called him and when he lost me when we all stopped for refreshments, he found me from my whistle.

The rain started and the path got muddier and muddier and Rufus had more and more fun, laughing his head off running through puddles. He slept in the car all the way home, then slept some more while I had a bath, and slept some more while I had a kip. In fact, he stayed asleep until Monday morning, just surfacing for food or water and a quick visit outside. It was brilliant.

I didn’t take any pictures because it’s hard enough with a puppy on a lead without having to tackle a camera too. It was already a problem getting him over stiles or clearing up after him, but everyone was really helpful, even the ones that don’t have dogs, taking his lead for me or helping me lift him.

We’re going again this weekend …

Yesterday. then, was planning and decision-making And yesterday evening I put Christmas away for another year. The lounge is looking very tidy and clutter-free.

Today is mostly proof-reading, 1ook in 100 days, and a trip into Barnsley this afternoon. I’ve lumped together some of my regular chores so I only have 30 minutes assigned to them instead of 60. If I finish anything early I’m going to draft one of those 3 column pitches I promised myself I’d do by the end of this week.

We have a nasty gale blowing, squally rain and the temperature has dropped again. It’s going to be fun venturing out this afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Worn out at the weekend

  1. esmeraldamac 3 January 2012 / 11:53 am

    Glad you got out on Saturday night, Diane!

    I’m imagining hard-bitten sheepdogs watching Rufus get picked up over a stile. Answers on a postcard, please… 😉


    • Diane 3 January 2012 / 1:26 pm

      He can get under or over most of them, but when they’re very narrow tall steps in a tiny gap in the wall, he needs lifting.


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