To-do list w/c 2 Jan

Yes, I’m definitely in the rhythm of things now. I had a good, full, productive day yesterday. I stuck to the to-do list and I got some extras done too, including an errand into town.

Here, then, is this week’s to-do list:

  • 100k in 100 days x 7 √
  • daily blog x 5 
  • daily comps x 5 
  • daily dog walk x 6 
  • daily household chores x 5 
  • #1 markets article (Jan) 
  • #1 plan garden mag column pitch #1 
  • proof-read book (Great War) 
  • job centre 
  • emergency vet visit 
  • #1 plan garden mag column pitch #2
  • #1 plan nutter magnet column pitch
  • weekly gig list update 
  • proof-read book (Pies)
  • follow-up vet visit
  • invoices (hurrah!) 
  • weekly household chores 
  • walk with Ramblers

Another short one, but there are still big jobs in there taking up huge chunks of time (I didn’t finish the proof-reading last week …). After Monday, things like the daily blog and daily comps are allotted just 30 minutes instead of 60 so I can fit more of the longer work in.

The list will be updated as the week progresses.


2 thoughts on “To-do list w/c 2 Jan

  1. Carol 4 January 2012 / 10:17 pm

    I think the nutter magnet lost me somewhere? I’m way behind on my resolutions all ready. Daughter one has come down from Scotland, on New years Day, to stay, with her two children ( 7yrs and 5mths) Little-est is not sleeping at all so grandma has volunteered to do the nightshifts to give daughter a rest. OMG I haven’t done this for ……a long, long time. Writing and reading? What writing and reading?


    • Diane 4 January 2012 / 10:32 pm

      It’s going to be a confessions of a nutter magnet type of article, making light of all the nutter stories I’ve had in my life. How long is daughter staying for?


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