I’m full

It really has been a while coming but I think I can almost safely say now that I’m full, thanks.

I’ve been proof-reading a rush-job this week, which I finished at 3am this morning. I was in 2 minds whether to run it into town there and then, but decided to take it in later this morning instead after a sleep. I’m glad I did because it gave me a chance to have a good chat with my already-boss and a brief chat with my soon-to-be-other-boss (who’s actually already-boss’s boss as well …).

It also meant there was less chance of me crashing the car … I was very tired at 3am and my vision had dwindled to pin-points.

The good thing is we’re all on the same wavelength and I must be doing something right.

The better news is that “of the one book we’ll definitely be publishing every month you’ll be getting at least one of them per month to edit …” [beat]

Would you like to read that again? I’ll wait …

Ha ha ha, what he meant was, they’ll be publishing at least one book per month and already it’s mine to edit. When they publish more than one book a month, I’ll be getting that too. In fact, I’m getting all of the fiction, whether I want it or not. And if the fiction editing ever dries up in any one month, I’ve been promised a non-fiction too by my lovely already-boss to replace it.

And the even betterer news is that lovely already-boss is now going to send me as much proof-reading as I can take. He’s also going to try and re-direct some of the non-fiction editing to me anyway.

They asked if that would be enough work to give me a good, steady flow. I said yes, thank you. Very muchly. Ta.

Of course, I mustn’t get lazy, I have to still keep looking out for what other work I can do, as I hate to keep all of my eggs in one basket. But I really think that this is going to be the new day job, and what a day job, eh?

I currently have 3 more books in to proof for already-boss, plus a novel to proof for a new client. If new-client is happy with the work I do on this one, he has another 2 to send me.

So today … I have the next proof-reading job to start for already-boss and I have invoices to raise (hurrah!). I think I may have a bit of a relaxing weekend, though, if you don’t mind.

Have a good one.