Admin day

So, Fridays are the new admin days and, so far, i.e. this week, it seems to have worked.

I’m still very busy with proof-reading, with another book arriving this morning from lovely-already-boss.

I’ve been on the phone to my domestic energy provider. My current contract is up at the end of February so, armed with my latest meter readings, I negotiated a new contract with them. Aside from a small refund, I also get a £4 a month reduction on my monthly direct debit payment. That’s £48 over the year, plus the refund.

I’ve also been on the phone to my mobile phone company. I have the 20-texter for £20 with them (Three) but I also bought a £5 add-on for extra internet use. I needed this at the start of the year when I was out and about and at a day job. But now – and I should have done it sooner, I agree – I don’t use it as I have my own broadband. So that’s cancelled and saves £60 over the year, plus another very small refund.

And I’ve been on the phone to the tax man. It was quite ridiculous because I knew I’d owe them some tax for year 2010/2011, but this would be far outweighed by what they’d owe me for 2011/2012. However, I still had a £423 bill due to pay at the end of January. I called them and they agreed that I’d be due a massive refund on 2011/2012, but also when faced with either paying my mortgage or a tax bill I’d be given back anyway, they agreed to a deferral for 6 months. I’ll still have to pay it, but at least now it can come out of my refund.

As it’s Friday I also had invoices to raise (hurrah!), including an internal one for a letter I had published in that’s life! this week. They made it the star letter, AND they’ve already paid me. How amazing is that?

I’ve ordered a new toner cartridge for the laser printer. I’m going to be using it a lot more and the one I recently put in must have been on the wardrobe for too long as it’s faded on the one side.

Finally, I printed off some new stationery – invoices that don’t have my bank details on them for those that don’t need them.

So, I’m about to take the dog for a trot to the letterbox. While I’m out I’m setting the laptop to do a scan, and I have some cheques to pay into my bank account via the post office.

And then … it’s the weekend. I’m going out tomorrow night.

Have a good one.


2 thoughts on “Admin day

  1. Carol

    phew. Productive or what. I’m back writing now I’ve got some energy again, so that’s good. In fact I’m pretty much back to normal…whatever that is. Have a great weekend and enjoy your night out.


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