Busy week ahead (lists alert)

WARNING: Possibly not for the faint-hearted …

I’ve not been very well again this week, waking up last Friday morning with quite a sore throat that got steadily worse as the week progressed. I think it’s because I came into contact with someone with children – not that children are bad for me or anything, but they are contagious if there’s something going around at school, and as I don’t have contagious children at school to help build my immunity, I catch the first thing that crosses my path.

So it’s been a week of hot, restless nights, late lie-ins, temperatures, feeling sorry for myself. And I’ve not managed all the work I promised myself. Saying that, I have done quite a lot.

  • I’ve been proofing a novel for a new client
  • I’ve been proofing a book for already-boss
  • I’ve written and submitted a reader’s letter
  • I’ve written and submitted a markets article
  • I’ve submitted Night Crawler to a self-publishing competition
  • I carried out an errand of mercy for a musician friend
  • I’ve planned 3 short stories and written the first drafts of 2 of them
  • I’ve uploaded the gig list for February

On top of all of this I was set a challenge by a writing friend to add just one extra thing to my to-do list today. I really didn’t think I’d have time, but as I was stirring this morning, an idea occurred to me, and then another, and then another …

So, this morning I’ve:

  • Printed off 6 short stories that were doing nothing. I’m going to sit and read through them, see if they can be improved, then I’m going to send at least 3 of them out.
  • Printed off a 60-word flash that won a comp yonks ago to see if it can be polished and sent out.
  • Printed off a very old RTE – still in courier font – that I’m going to see if I can polish and send out.
  • Selected 9 published or broadcast short stories and opened an anthology document. I’m going to choose 3 of the unpublished stories to go with it and start thinking Lulu/Kindle with that.

I usually look forward to a nice, relaxing weekend, but I may have to do my supermarket shopping this evening. Then it’s all systems go.

  • Tomorrow afternoon I have a Ramblers meeting in Bolsover.
  • Tomorrow evening I have to deliver a friend’s guitar to him in Doncaster.
  • On Sunday it’s parents’ day, so a run out to Birmingham.
  • On Monday I’m at the dentist. (shudder)
  • On Tuesday I have an appointment in town.
  • On Wednesday I’m due in Leicester for an optician’s appointment.
  • On Thursday … I think I’m just working …
  • On Friday morning I have an appointment in town.
  • On Friday afternoon I have a hair appointment.

Just how am I supposed to get anything done?

Have a great weekend.


4 thoughts on “Busy week ahead (lists alert)

  1. Carol 30 January 2012 / 8:04 pm

    THUNK….ouch! I’m far too faint hearted for all this (as I climb back off the floor.)
    No, I think you are allergic to children.


    • Diane 30 January 2012 / 9:48 pm

      I’m glad I warned you. 🙂


  2. devonellington 2 February 2012 / 4:26 pm

    I hope you’re feeling better. It’s been a busy time, hasn’t it? And usually this time of year isn’t. But I’m getting in a lot of work — and I’m grateful, just tired!


    • Diane 2 February 2012 / 4:28 pm

      Yes it has – thankfully. Hey, even my dad missed you. He asked me yesterday if you were all right and I said you were really, really busy. 🙂

      It is tiring, but so much fun. And yes, I’m feeling tons better, thanks.


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