Well, I tried the vodka rub – and, erm, accidentally swallowed it, but it did work. For a while. I swallowed paracetamol, codeine, ibuprofen, diclofenac sodium. I washed with a saline solution and I dabbed with clove oil. But I couldn’t get the pain to shift until I put a cold, wet flannel (face cloth) on my face and had an ice cold drink of water.

I called my dentist, who said I needed to see my GP. So I called my GP, who said I needed to see my dentist. I made some noise with the GP, and he gave me an appointment for Friday … Friday! Then said to call this morning and they’d see me in an emergency. So I called them this morning, and they refused to see me saying I had to see my dentist …

I think the abscess burst last night, I was in so much pain I would have quite happily held a gun at my dentist’s head – anyone’s head – until he/they removed a tooth, and I’m a bit attached to my teeth. The pain finally went after the cold compress, but I was sick as a dog during the night. Either it was that drug cocktail, or the abscess burst and drained down my throat …

I called my dentist again first thing, and he asked me to go in NOW. So I did, and he gave me some antibiotics, but he did say that as the abscess isn’t due to tooth decay but due to an infection my GP really should have seen me.

There will be a letter of complaint going off to my GP and to whoever else I’m supposed to complain to, and no doubt the story will make it into a national magazine. But at least the pain has gone now, I know it’s going to get better (although the antibiotics taste disgusting), and I can get back on with my work.

The most upsetting thing about all of this is that I had a BakingFest on Sunday and the chronic toothache has meant I haven’t been able to enjoy the crusty bread rolls I baked or the orange and raisin loaf. In fact, I’ve been on gloopy food for the past few days – the scales will be pleased with me, no doubt.

So, to work.

As I was in town on Tuesday I nipped in to pick up another book to proof. I thought there would be 2, but apparently one was quite long, a teeny-tiny font, and my lovely-already-editor didn’t think I’d enjoy it. So, as I already have a very nice pile of work from them anyway, and as he does try to send me ones I’ll like, someone else copped for that one. But he did have this replacement. He also said he has at least 2 more, so he’s going to print those off for when I pop in again.

I could have taken one back to him today, as I was going to the dentist, but as the dentist wanted to see me first thing, that one will go back tomorrow instead.

I missed a competition deadline yesterday, which I’m also sore about. But I’ve not been well for a couple of days with this abscess and, again, it’s a story I was writing anyway but just fielding via the competition. I need to knuckle down and start planning my time better. It’s very well missing competition deadlines, although quite undisciplined, but not acceptable to miss commercial or professional deadlines.

There’s a Ramblers’ meeting tonight, but I may send my apologies for that and catch up on some work. I’m still on target to join them on Saturday afternoon, though.

Today is the last day to enter the competition for a free copy of TWEE TALES. The link is here.


4 thoughts on “Happier

  1. devonellington 15 February 2012 / 1:37 pm

    Being in pain is exhausting, isn’t it? Hope you feel better soon. Sage and Rosemary will also curb any infection — make a very strong, tea-like mix of it and use it as mouthwash (best if you don’t swallow it). Then rub more vodka on it (and yes, you can down it, if it doesn’t fight your antibiotics). It will help with the pain and keep out infection.


    • Diane 15 February 2012 / 1:54 pm

      It was so painful I was practically in tears. Dentist asked me not to use the clove oil, though, as it inflames the gums – it tastes disgusting too and I was following it with a spoonful of sugar … Someone else suggested I make a tea with some dried sage, which I may have in my kitchen, or chew on yarrow leaves … but I don’t know where to find yarrow leaves … Thanks for the vodka tip, though. It made me smile at least.


    • Diane 16 February 2012 / 6:16 pm

      Thank you. 🙂 x


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