Sixteen years …

Yup, it’s taken 16 years, 2 agents, 2 publishers, 3 or 4 requested re-writes, 2 self-published books and 1 self-published ebook, but yesterday a “proper publisher” finally made an offer for NIGHT CRAWLER. To say I’m delighted is a gross understatement. After all of that work I’d just about given up when the email came in, and I could have just wept with relief.

I only sent the book to them on a whim, back in November, to see if they’d be interested in publishing a large-print version of the book. If they’d said no, I would have done it myself, so I was geared up for another rejection. Large-print editions actually work out quite lucrative because on top of the fee you get, they go into libraries all over the British Commonwealth and, if you’re in a library that qualifies, you get public lending royalties – a nominal fee for each time the book is borrowed.

And, of course, it means someone has faith in your work.

When I hadn’t heard 3 months later, I literally did almost give up then too. I gave it another week or so – just in case – and then fired off an unsolicited email to an email address I guessed from their public email format … and it landed straight on the desk of the publishing manager. When the reply came in yesterday I delayed opening it, because I *knew* it would be bad news …

… but it wasn’t. It was excellent news.

Off I toddled to tell all of my writerly colleagues and the FB and blogging friends that have followed my progress (or not) for years, and amid the excitement of all the congratulatory emails being directed to my phone … I accidentally deleted the email from the publisher … Uh-oh. But she was very lovely about it and sent it again this morning, so I felt as though I’d been accepted twice.

I have put so much work and effort and money into this project over the past 16 years, the fact that someone else finally has the confidence to back my book is … the best birthday present ever.

So now I have a full birthday weekend coming up – I’m being taken out Friday night and Saturday night, and we’re going to a gig on Sunday afternoon – there are 2 more books apparently waiting for me to collect to be edited or proof-read, I sold another article this morning, and I HAVE A BOOK DEAL.

How amazing is that?

I’m off to rest my aching cheeks from so much grinning. I’m a very happy bunny today.


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  1. Amazing news Diane, many, many congratulations! A valuable life lesson in perseverance for all, but especially those “newbs” to writing like me!


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