The system works

Well, today is the start of the new regime. I’m now officially self-employed again (though for tax purposes I’m “starting” on 6 April). And it feels … GOOD.

It really started at the weekend. I’ve been working really hard to keep the working week to the working week and having the weekends off. And this weekend, for the first time in ages, I had the weekend off. It was very strange. I started by twiddling my thumbs and wondering what I should do first. But as the household chores have been somewhat neglected of late, I decided to start there, with washing and cleaning.

And the system works.

Saturday night we went to a gig to see a band we’ve not seen for about 2 years … and it turned out to be a private party. The band and the bar staff all said it was fine to stay, but we didn’t think it was right.

So off we tootled, up the road a bit, because it was the first chance the gig buddy had to see one of our bass-bird-mates in her new band. I’d seen them a week ago in Leeds, and I’m seeing them again this coming Friday, so I’m feeling a bit like a groupie at the moment, but I may not see them again for a while and they’re usually happy to see me – I think.

Sunday gave me the chance to do a gig list overhaul. I’ve deleted all the band links of people who can’t be bothered to send me information and I uploaded all the gigs for April – or a lot of them. I can’t do that every month, though. It took me the best part of a day to trawl around 70 websites. I need more of them to start emailing me their gigs again.

I also had a Facebook overhaul and deleted around 40 “friends” I either don’t really know or that were duplicates or some other reason. Then I cranked up the marketing machine, changed the prices on my books and gave them all a good old plug.

This week it’s more of the same but with more discipline and structure. It’s a 4-day week for me as I always take the Easter break and I failed to take one at Christmas. So I’ll have 4 days on and 4 days off, maybe 5 days off if I take Tuesday too.

Right, fave activity – diary work. Yum.


3 thoughts on “The system works

  1. devonellington 2 April 2012 / 2:53 pm

    As usual, you’re busy and amazingly organized!

    Glad you got some time off this weekend.


    • Diane 3 April 2012 / 12:05 am

      I’m having next weekend off too, all 4 days, but I’ve scheduled in 4 x 2hr writing slots anyway.


  2. Carol 6 April 2012 / 7:39 am



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