End of week 1 (list alert)

Yesterday, then, I cracked on with my work and once I’d done my quota for the day I thought I’d best tidy up the de-cluttering mess I’d caused. I ended up emptying another box and another bag, put 2 bags in the rubbish and 1 in for recycling, and … erm … filled another box again. But this time it’s tidy, it’s all in one place, and I have more idea of what I have and don’t have.

There are 2 more boxes left and 1 more bag. In addition I have a stuffed-to-overflowing filing tray plus a “jelly” filled with filing that won’t fit in the tray, 2 piles of shredding and a pile of post to open.

I shifted one post-pile in today’s 5-minute de-clutter, this time a load of magazines I’ll never get around to reading. These are magazines I wish companies wouldn’t send but instead reduce their fees. Address pages were added to one of the shredding piles; magazines-I’ll-never-read were placed in the office recycling bin. The recycling bin will go downstairs with me next time I go.

I think the next 5-minute de-clutter will be opening and sorting the remaining post-pile. The next few will be shredding documents. One day – one day – I may get around to the filing …

I keep on top of the finance filing – invoices, remittance advices, bank statements, etc – because I have to. But even then the system falls down occasionally. I chased 2 payments this morning, and on further investigation I believe one was actually paid early (cue red face), but I can’t find the remittance advice. I’ve let them know I think I found it, and asked for a duplicate remittance advice, but it’s not very professional, is it?

My to-do tray, my filing tray and my shredding tray are all bursting at the seams (plus the 2 extra piles for filing and shredding), and this is bad feng shui. Very bad feng shui. I like things to be clutter-free around my work area.

My to-do tray contains the following:

  1. information pack for next weekend’s Ramblers annual general council meeting
  2. current requirements for fave fiction market
  3. “invoices to raise”, including 1 expense claim and 2 invoices for internal purposes
  4. annual expenses for 2011/2012, mostly clipped together month-by-month but needing to be done and ready before tax return time
  5. this month’s personal finance paperwork waiting to be dispatched
  6. 1 item to be added to the National Service book notes file
  7. 1 historical novel to continue editing
  8. 1 non-fiction book to continue proof-reading

I also have the writing WiP book, the first 2 outstanding items of which are:

  1. plan health article
  2. plan writing article

At my left elbow in front of the all-in-one printer I have one filing pile with a post-pile on top; at my left knee, on top of the shredder, I have one shredding pile. The post-out tray has one letter in (an invoice from last week, tut tut); the post-in tray is empty (it’s all on top of the 2nd filing pile …).

I have too many piles. Too much clutter. But only a few days ago it was a lot worse.

So here I am at the end of my first week. It’s been busy, it’s been productive and I’ve enjoyed it. It’s also getting tidier. (Apart from I just threw tea all over my desk, keyboard and laptop riser … at least it didn’t get into the laptop, eh?)

I’m not going out today, the rape-induced hay fever/asthma has kicked in and is making me feel a bit pap. Yesterday we avoided the rape field and the rain came down so I’m hoping that damped down some of the pollen dust. It’s been raining again today, so I’m hoping the symptoms start to dissipate. I’ve never had hay fever but I have had mild asthma; I’m just not that used to it and am feeling sorry for myself.

I have that list of to-do items to work down – or up. I need to think about separating my bank account out – I do have a separate bank account but removing the income from one and putting it in another is going to be a big step while I’m still trying to get my head around cashflow. I have to walk the dog. And I want to do some writing.

There’s nothing booked in the weekend diary beyond chores, shopping and walking the dog, so I’ll probably end up doing some work.

Y’all have a good one. 😉


4 thoughts on “End of week 1 (list alert)

  1. Carol 13 April 2012 / 8:20 pm

    You lost me in all the trays and boxes! Hope you feel better and have a good weekend.


    • Diane 16 April 2012 / 11:57 am

      I was better by this morning, I think. Thanks. 🙂


    • Diane 16 April 2012 / 11:57 am

      Um …


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