April showers

We seem to be getting both April showers and March winds at the moment. May flowers also seem to be on their way up. What a mix-up everything is.

I got a few things done yesterday, including moving my errands all back to a Friday. Doing some on a Wednesday and some on a Friday is too many breaks in one week. Better to do them all on the same day and have the disruption for just one day.

This coming Friday is going to be long and busy anyway, due to me going down to Leicester for the weekend and my sister coming up here to house and pet sit. I have work to do, all my usual chores to do, plus sorting out the spare room. So if I do everything on just the one day, I should – theoretically – get more done the rest of the time.

Yesterday I finally outlined 2 articles, and I started a 3rd, on top of my regular jobs for the day. I also scanned in the 5 pictures I borrowed from my interviewee on Monday and I did that all important critical data backup. I need to get a new memory stick so I can do a proper backup/restore.

I have to do the gig list as well as proof-read a book. I also have those regular blood tests to check my sugar, so that will halve the morning. This evening I’m at Ramblers.

Today I have toothache. On top of everything else, I have toothache. I think it’s a psychological toothache as I’ve been a bit low these past few days. If it doesn’t go soon I may have to see the dentist about draining that abscess … (gulp)

Right, onwards …


3 thoughts on “April showers

  1. Carol 18 April 2012 / 12:45 pm

    It’s a horrible day here, absolutely pouring down. At least it means bum stays on seat, not going anywhere.
    I do hope the toothache goes away.


    • Diane 18 April 2012 / 12:47 pm

      So far so good … It’s pouring down here too, but I quite like that.


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