Happy St George’s Day …

… Happy Birthday William Shakespeare, and Happy World Book Night. 🙂

I had a terrific weekend, thoroughly enjoyed being on conference again. I love it. I love to listen to the various debates, I love to see how the voting goes or is changed, I love it when the vote is so close that everybody goes “Ooh …”, like at a football (soccer) game, and they have to vote again with a count. But most of all I love mixing with people with whom I have something in common.

My sister came and we nattered for so long I almost forgot I had to leave, but leave I did. I got there in good time, but my key didn’t work on my room door, so I had to get that sorted. By the time it was, I had about 5 minutes to grab something to eat and find the start of the conference.

My colleagues from South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire Rambers (SYNED) were already there and had saved me a seat. I was only a visitor, so my badge was a different colour and I couldn’t vote or join in the debates (unless invited). But it was so much fun.

My hearing wasn’t very good due to the infection I travelled down with, and everyone soon discovered I had to watch their lips in order to understand them. But it was a good weekend and I hope they send me again next year.

On the way home on Sunday I dropped in to see my mom and dad as it’s Mom’s birthday on Wednesday and their wedding anniversary tomorrow. When I got home me and my sister still had lots to talk about. Rufus had been a bit naughty and chewed right through her laptop power cable, but they’d had a couple of walks – although she failed to tire him out.

By bedtime last night I was exhausted, a combination of travel, the conference, visiting, nattering, and still being stuffed up. And this morning I had a good sleep in – and so did Rufus, so maybe my sister did wear him out.

I was pottering around without urgency when I suddenly thought I was at the dentist in about an hour … but it’s next week not today. Today I’m going to do some of the writing I didn’t have time to do at the weekend, and generally ease myself back in gently.

Saying that, I received an invite at the weekend to attend the Kinder Trespass 80th anniversary launch event in Edale tomorrow, so that’s going to be an early start and a decent drive.

I’d best do some work …


2 thoughts on “Happy St George’s Day …

  1. Carol 23 April 2012 / 5:11 pm

    Have a good day tomorrow.


    • Diane 24 April 2012 / 2:19 pm

      Thank you, it was nice. 🙂


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