The Kinder Trespass

Eighty years ago today one group of ramblers from Manchester and another group of ramblers from Sheffield trespassed onto the Kinder plateau. This morning I was at the launch of the Kinder Trespass festival, hosted by Mike Harding – who even sang us a song.

There were representatives from the Ramblers Association, including our new chief exec and our new president, and current director general of the National Trust, who I interviewed nearly 12 years ago for My Weekly when she had just started in the role. (She even remembered me!)

I didn’t go on any of the guided walks – there were 2 leaving the Moorland Centre in Edale at 11:30am plus various children’s activities – because I only had my invite on Saturday and had already needed to re-jig the day to get back in time to do some work. But it was a nice little event with a good turnout and the weather stayed dry.

I did, however, pick up a couple of up-to-date walking guides because Derbyshire and the Peak District is only a stone’s throw from me and with easy walks starting at 2½ miles I think it’s a good place for me and Rufus to build our fitness and stamina.

I still want to do that long distance path holiday, but it may be the Great Glen Way first as that’s a lot shorter than the Thames Path, and it has much shorter sections too. But we need to be fit enough, so I need to do a walking schedule for us both – and STICK TO IT.

Busy afternoon, then, what’s left of it. I shall probably work into the evening today.


10 thoughts on “The Kinder Trespass

  1. Dray

    Mr. Harding? The Green Man his’sen? Blimey

    I still think his Napoleons Retreat From Wigan is a literary classic 🙂


    1. He sang the Ramblers’ Anthem, or the Manchester Rambler, with a male voice choir for the chorus. They sang it a cappella and he did it really well too, very tuneful. I’d never heard it before, but lots of people joined in with the chorus.


  2. Carol

    What nice weather is due? Its cold and pouring here again today, although was a much better day yesterday, you were lucky. The forecast seems to be more of the same. Are you just being hopeful for time of year we all hopefully all the summer. :0)


    1. I was going to say, shortly after this came in, that it was glorious here … but it’s being persisting down for much of the day here too. I did mean the summer, though. 🙂


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