Dizzy (list alert)

“Boating Lake”, Cleethorpes May 2012

I haven’t gathered everything together yet for the solicitor. I have the bulk of it but I have to write a chronology for him. That meant one Friday errand was postponed.

I got to town, met my appointment at the job centre with proof that I’m self employed now (invoices to this financial year to date), and they said they wanted to see me again in 5 weeks and again 8 weeks after that.

Then I crossed town to drop off the latest proof-reading job. Poor lovely-already-boss wasn’t very well and he didn’t have anything ready to give me as he hadn’t been in all week. His also-lovely-boss, however, had 2 jobs for me – and he gave me 3 weeks to do them in – something different this time. This means I have 5 active jobs with them at the moment, one of which got blitzed at the weekend.

I cheated and bought lunch at a lovely little shop just opposite where I park, where they make the sandwiches up for you and put anything on that you want. I chose sliced boiled egg on white with lettuce and mayonnaise, and a packet of Kettle crisps (potato chips). A “sandwich” in Barnsley is a “giant bread bap” anywhere else … She also cut it into 4 pieces for me. I had time on my ticket to sit in my car and eat before heading off to the supermarket.

Weekly shop done, I then filled up with petrol – it seems a bit cheap at the moment so I had to.

And then it was back home to put the shopping away, do some work, update the diary (fave chore), walk the dog and chill … I “chilled” at 10pm; “early night” at 11pm; pets let me sleep through until 7am, bless ’em.

My friend cancelled the bowling because she wasn’t very well, so none of us went in the end. I didn’t do any washing because of the weather, and I got on with more work. In fact, I worked until midnight.

On Sunday I took Rufus to the seaside. I packed a work bag and a picnic, remembered the camera, and off we went. It was a nice, easy drive there and back and while overcast, it stayed dry. I mooched in some of the shops, picked up a map, a tourist information leaflet and some short circular walks from the tourist information centre, and parked up overlooking the Humber.

The picnic was great, it all went, I did a bit of work, and I took the dog for a walk around the “boating lake”. I never knew Cleethorpes had a boating lake. Rufus got very excited when he saw all the birds, but a greylag goose spat at him and a mute swan hissed at him, and he thought it was brilliant. The goose was just being hissy but the swan had cygnets and had been reported flying out of the pond attacking any dogs that got too close, so we gave him a wide berth.

The fresh air and the sea, and being in one of my favourite places was just the tonic I needed after a really pap few weeks. I’d reached the end of my tether and was getting really snappy and impatient, so I hope the recharge did me good.

I have another busy week ahead, and possibly only a 4-day one at that. We’re supposed to be having a school reunion on Friday but I don’t think anyone’s been told what’s happening. I’ve done the diary for 4 days, so if the reunion’s off, I’ll have a Brucie bonus.

Here’s this week’s to-do list, again with some carried over from last week as admin and moderation work reared their ugly heads again and lost me 2 days – again.

  • #3 travel article
  • daily comps
  • proof-read non-fiction book #1
  • edit & submit travel article
  • daily dog walk
  • 2011/2012 expenses
  • household chores
  • week-daily blog
  • edit 1 x historical novel
  • #2 holiday short story
  • #3 holiday short story
  • weekly gig list update
  • proof-read non-fiction book #2
  • edit & submit holiday short story
  • take car for MOT
  • #1 health article
  • weekly invoices
  • trip to Solihull
  • school reunion

4 thoughts on “Dizzy (list alert)

    • Diane 22 May 2012 / 10:42 am

      We had a lovely time, thanks. 🙂


  1. Carol 22 May 2012 / 8:59 am

    I’ve never been to Cleethorpes, must put it on my list.


    • Diane 22 May 2012 / 10:43 am

      It’s on the Humber estuary and only just over an hour from me, but it’s a nice seaside town, lots of bustle.


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