Excellent day’s work

“Boating Lake”, Cleethorpes May 2012, Road Train “Lollipop”

I hope you’re enjoying the images from Cleethorpes this week. I go there quite often and each time find somewhere new to explore.

So yesterday: I did some more background admin on trying to get the dog’s paperwork; I entered the daily comps (I’ve entered 7 competitions to win a new car now); I put 3 loads of washing through, hung out, fetched in and put away 2, tumble-dried and put away 1 (I like fluffy towels); put another pile of clean washing away; and I wrote the blog.

I packaged up the latest proof-reading job, ready to go back to the publisher, and took the next one off the pile. Then I updated my current WIP, which lists all outstanding jobs, commissioned (i.e. proof-reading, editing, books, etc) and on-spec (i.e. short stories, fillers, letters, etc), and how much each will earn. It’s a great motivation, especially as I cross each one off once the invoice has been raised. The commissioned list, by the way, is 3 times the length of the on-spec list.

Then I swilled the yard, put the brolly up, and worked outside while the pets all sunbathed nicely together. I had a picnic for lunch out there, and a cuppa and a cake.

I wrote, from start to finish, this week’s walks report for the local newspapers and got that emailed over, and I polished the 2nd draft of the travel article, typed it up (#3), and selected, resized and captioned some picture thumbnails to accompany it. That’s gone into a jelly (transparent folder) to cool before it gets another read-through. Then it can be sent off. I also wrote draft 2 of the holiday short story.

All in, an excellent day’s work. 🙂

Today? Editing that historical novel …