Up with the larks

“Boating Lake”, Cleethorpes May 2012, Cleethorpes Light Railway

I decided I needed to get up an hour earlier as I have so much to do, and I was actually up before 7am today. It’s not 9am yet and already I’ve done so much, including had breakfast, put 2 washloads through, hung 1 washload out, swept and swilled the yard, cleared all the washing up, and done my daily comps. I’m washed and dressed and ready to go out, so I might walk the dog up to the chemist to collect some anti-histamines before it gets too hot.

And hasn’t it been hot? We’ve had a lovely end of May. I’m in shorts and showing signs of a suntan – although I need white bits (watch strap) to prove it to people.

I had another very busy weekend and was working so late on Saturday that I wasn’t able to go out. The others wanted to leave early to make sure they got seats, and there was just no way that I’d be ready on time. So I carried on working until I dropped, which turned out to be about 8pm, and I had tea in front of Eurovision – and quite enjoyed it.

I also made a strawberry trifle and 18 chocolate cherry brownies. These are my first ever brownies, and they’re gorgeous. I’m not a chocolate-cake fan usually, so these give me a chocolate fix as well as a cake fix all in one shot.

And it’s not over yet. I have another busy week ahead and once I’ve been to the village this morning and hung out the 2nd washload, I’m doing 2011/12 expenses this morning so I can do my 2011/12 tax return. I have all the paperwork I need for this now, and the sooner I get it in, the sooner I get my tax rebate.

Here, then, is this week’s list – some of which are hanging around from last week still:

  • daily comps
  • week-daily blog post
  • 2011/12 expenses
  • edit historical novel #1
  • write #1 health article
  • daily dog walk
  • household chores
  • write walks report, start to finish, and submit
  • collect prescription
  • 2011/12 tax return
  • write #1 writing filler
  • June gig list
  • write DVD script #1
  • write #2 health article
  • proof-read non-fiction book
  • plan new short story for autumn
  • write #2 writing filler
  • drop work off/pick work up
  • weekly invoices

6 thoughts on “Up with the larks

  1. Carol

    I’ve just crawled to the end of your list, already feeling exhausted today after quite a walk in this heat! I’m still coughing for England but have been assured that by the end of this week I should be at the end of it! Get the tax return out of the way, clear it off the desk and then you can forget about it. I can never understand why people let it hang about and then panic about it. Enjoy the weather while it lasts.


    1. Were you in my neck of the woods today? Wentworth is just around the corner. Tax return is done. 😀 Hope you feel better soon.


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