Lord Rufus

“Boating Lake”, Cleethorpes May 2012, Lord Rufus

This is the last of the Cleethorpes pictures. Looks like I need another day out to replenish my supply. 🙂

I finished typing more than 3,350 words at 11pm last night. I printed off the script and left it to cool overnight, and I’ll be checking that this morning. My fingers were like jelly by the time I’d finished. Honestly, I used to be a typist, you know.

It’s errand day today, but I also have some work to do before going out. I may do the shopping on the way back, and then it’s back to work.

Tomorrow I may take some time off to do some baking, but the rest of this long weekend I’m working. I have far too much to do still, but I will be skiving off next Wednesday morning.

Doesn’t Lord Rufus look handsome?

Enjoy the Jubilee celebrations.


10 thoughts on “Lord Rufus

  1. Carol

    Skiving! Skiving! Surely you mean a replenishment of ideas, inspiration, enthusiasm followed by rest and relaxation? Oh, Ok then skiving, should be good. :0)


  2. There can never be too many pictures of Rufus 🙂
    Our life/work balance is one big soup at the moment, so you’re not the only one. At least it’s not tippling down when we stick our weary heads out the door 🙂


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