Welcome to the weekend

I didn’t go out yesterday, other than to get cash for the week and washing machine repairman’s money. He actually ran me up to the Co-op and back – that’s one way of getting your money, I suppose. 🙂 Instead I sat down and worked.

That means I didn’t go and get any peas to plant. I’ll look for those tomorrow when I do my shopping. I didn’t make pizza for tea either. I’ll give that a go during my baking session tomorrow. I did hang out 2 full lines of washing and fetch those in again. I still need to put them away … probably tomorrow …

Today I work again. I’m trying to crack on with the historical novel so we can test the technology fully and get any bugs fixed in time for the publishing schedule. I know the author has received the artwork for the cover and he’s delighted with it. I started with a manual edit and am doing an electronic edit as I go along – i.e. when I’m fed up of sitting in one position doing one job, I’ll go and sit at the laptop and do the other job.

I don’t edit on screen. It’s bad for the eyesight, it’s bad for the posture, and things get missed that only a hard-copy edit will pick up. I transfer the edits to screen and then I move the electronic file over to the publisher-specific pdf-maker. That’s the technology we’re still trying to iron out as I’m accessing it at distance. If it’s a big problem, I can at least go into the office and do it from there, with the file on a memory stick. Or I can email it to someone there to try.

At 3:30pm I still have an appointment, but I won’t be doing the shopping on the way home as I’m going out tonight to see a mate in one of his bands. I was supposed to be going for a meal, but they needed to know numbers in advance and I couldn’t guarantee I’d be there until today, so we said I’d skip this one. I’m not doing the drop off/pick up today, as we all need me to get on with the novel.

Yesterday I almost bought a workbook but hesitated because I’m already working with one at the moment and I only have a certain budget. We had a bit of a discussion about it on Facebook and while everyone agreed that A WRITER’S BOOK OF DAYS by Judy Reeves is a beautiful book, I really can’t afford it yet, it doesn’t start until January, and, well, I’m already working with WRITE-A-THON by Rochelle Melander.

This was such a momentous thing for me because most readers will remember that only a couple of years ago I would have thought nothing of buying both books, and more, and putting them on the plastic and worrying about them later. The Judy Reeves is on my wishlist, but I can only work through one writing book at a time and I’m enjoying the Rochelle Melander.

I now have scheduled in to the diary MY WORK most days, and that includes working with various books like these, all designed to move my own work forward, whether that be the non-fiction book, the novel, short stories, fillers, whatever. It’s usually of an evening, unless I already have something arranged, and at weekends, unless I have other stuff booked in. It also includes rare spare slots during the normal working day.

The editing and proof-reading is DAY JOB. But DAY JOB also includes invoicing, filing, tax return, budget/finance/banking, dropping off/picking up, and so on.

I’ve moved the shopping to Saturdays again because I need that extra 2-hour slot for DAY JOB. Saturdays and Sundays are days off with chores as well as MY WORK. This Sunday, though, I’m off to Birmingham for Father’s Day.

Have a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the weekend

  1. Carol 15 June 2012 / 12:48 pm

    Reading the blog I suddenly realised I needed to sit up straight and not slump!
    Have a lovely weekend. I am going to… I know. :0) ah ha!


    • Diane 18 June 2012 / 9:35 am

      That sounds very cryptic. 🙂


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