Wow! What a weekend!

I’ve had a great weekend, but I’m not sure I could keep it up *every* weekend.

Friday afternoon I went to Pets at Home in search of a solid rubber ball for the dog as he’s finally chewed through the defence system of the old one, but the pet shop I went to was right out of solid rubber balls.

I popped to Staples to get a new diary (much joyous celebration) and some folders, but the branch that I went to didn’t have bog-standard A4 cardboard wallet folders. I got my diary though – I would have had palpitations if I hadn’t.

I nipped to Sports Direct to get a simple, bog-standard plain sweatshirt, but the one that I went to only had ones with hoods or collars and daft pockets at the front.

Friday was not a good day for shopping.

I went out Friday night to see a mate in his new band. I was supposed to be going for a meal with the Ramblers but they needed to know numbers in advance and I didn’t even know I was able to go out until on the day, let alone where I was going. So I’d already sent my apologies for the meal. I didn’t realise that this was my mate’s new band’s first ever gig too and, under the circumstances (it’s not the best of venues for anyone to get their sound right, let alone a brand new band), I think they did really well. It was also nice to see my friend.

On Saturday I slept in, and wanted to dash out straight away to do the shopping, but Trooping the Colour was on telly, so I ended up watching that instead.

In the afternoon I did my shopping, and I also managed to get a solid rubber ball for the dog from a different branch of Pets at Home (should have just gone there first), but I still couldn’t find a plain sweatshirt or any bog-standard A4 wallet folders.

I was going to stay in Saturday evening, but I’m a sucker for a personal invite from a band, so instead I went out to see the first set of an established band with their new line-up. Again, it was good to be with friends – lots of different friends – but I still left early as I had to be up early.

Sunday was Fathers’ Day so off we tootled down to see my dad (and my mom), and my sister was there too, so that was a nice bonus. When I got home I had tea and had fun starting off the new diary (with holidays and birthdays, etc) but was so shattered I had an early night.

And that was the weekend. 🙂  How was yours?

My lovely, new, gorgeous, delicious diary is a mid-year or academic diary. It’s nice to start a brand new pristine diary in the middle of the year. I’ve given myself some holidays too, not that I can afford to go anywhere, but I may do some touristy things at home. I’ve given myself the August bank holiday week, just over a week for Christmas, and just over a week for Easter.

When I do more diary work, I’ll go in and add the do-diddle days and I’ll consider having bucket list days too, which are days that you work towards achieving something on your bucket list (or travel list in my case).

Today I slept in again (must have been tired). I have an errand to run, a walks report to write and file, and I’m still editing that historical novel. I also have the dog to walk plus whatever I get around to doing for MY WORK later on this evening.


2 thoughts on “Wow! What a weekend!

  1. devonellington 18 June 2012 / 6:07 pm

    Sometimes the craft stores have plain sweatshirts without logos or anything, so people can paint their own. If you just want something plain, that’s usually the best place to find them.


    • Diane 19 June 2012 / 9:52 am

      We have the grand total of one craft shop nearby, a Hobbycraft. I’ve not seen clothing in the knitting and sewing shops (other than for knitting or sewing patterns), but will certainly look out for them.


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