The historical novel has temporarily been iced in favour of a couple of non-fiction books that need to be back by Friday. This shows how it isn’t just idleness on my part that causes the bigger jobs to be delayed, but priorities. It means my music festival on Sunday may also be iced, though, as I personally want to move the historical novel so that I can invoice for it and start the next one. I don’t know yet, though. I’ll see.

Yesterday I managed quite a bit of admin work. I had a tax rebate and that means I don’t have to pay any estimated arrears either, so I re-jigged the budget. I also realised I’d missed off my redundancy from my self assessment, so I had to call the tax office and ask them to start an amendment procedure.

Fortunately I was taxed on my redundancy when I shouldn’t have been, so we all expect another rebate to hurtle towards me in a month or so. Better than me owing them.

At the weekend I finished my happiness goals and can finally see wood for the trees. Do follow the link to the website that accompanies the book. Peter Jones says it all so much better than I can. Last night I managed to squeeze in some MY WORK, and I did more time with Write-a-Thon. Again, follow the link to find out more about this.

These two systems have worked very well together for me, but either would also work perfectly well on its own too. I recommend both.

So, today, instead of editing I’m proof-reading. I also have a Ramblers meeting this evening that I could do with missing, but I have to report from last week’s area meeting and I want to hand in my mileage claim too.

And I have to walk the dog.

Did someone mention “fun”? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Iced

  1. Carol 20 June 2012 / 3:25 pm

    Never mind, it’s all positive, too much to do rather than too little!
    Happiness is floating your way.


    • Diane 22 June 2012 / 11:43 am

      Hope so. 🙂


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