Radio silence weekend

I hauled out the third of the proof-reading jobs I’d promised back by today and it was twice the size of the other two. So, to make sure the other two were in by this morning, I dropped them off over the weekend at the newspaper office next door. Rufus was really excited to be walking around town for a change. I’ll drop the third one in as soon as I can.

I didn’t see a lot of the weekend and switched to radio silence. This means I didn’t switch on the laptop, didn’t surf the net, but I did check FB every so often via the phone. I was just too busy to be distracted by anything else, but these messages kept on coming to the phone so I saw them. And checked them. And didn’t loiter.

Domino wasn’t very well at the weekend. This is the cat that doesn’t live here, the black one that turned up on my doorstep 3 years ago and refused to leave. She must have eaten something because she kept being sick, so I kept an eye on her and tried not to over-feed her. She was hungry and managed to keep the food down, but whether she had a hairball or had just eaten some dodgy wildlife, I don’t know.

When she fetched me a bird home yesterday I knew she was feeling better, although she *had* left the head on this time. I was surprised she’d caught a bird, actually. But I knew it was her as Holly was fast asleep on the bedroom windowsill at the time. Domino is such a fat, lazy, slug – I even have to open the garden gate because she can’t be bothered jumping over the fence – I’m surprised she moves fast enough to catch a bird.

Last night she stayed up to eat a proper meal and have a proper drink, and she made it through the night without having to go out. I think she’s feeling better now … and can hardly wait until she’s decapitating birds on the patio again …

This morning I really, really struggled to get up, and the *only* thing that got me out of my bed in the end was the knowledge that I can stay there tomorrow instead, if I really, really want to. Tomorrow I do diddley squat. OR I do whatever I feel like.

If I want a duvet day, I’m having one. If the weather’s nice and I want to drive to Derbyshire or Lincolnshire and take the dog on a nice walk, I will. If I fancy it, I’ll hit the beach. If I’m feeling lazy, I’ll sit and read. Or I’ll watch a DVD. Then again, if I feel like it, I’ll do some writing. Or some ironing. Or I’ll potter in the garden. Or I’ll edit a book.

The key is not to plan (apparently), and just to do whatever you feel like doing without feeling guilty. And beyond “walk dog” and “feed pets”, I can do whatever the hell I like tomorrow. All day. I’m even going to switch on the out-of-office-auto-reply on my email. But I’ll keep the phones on, for genuine emergencies or urgent calls.

I’ve built a regular break into my working day now. I used to have this before when I was working full time freelance the last time, and very, very busy. Every 2 hours I break for 15 minutes. Sometimes it’s a posture break, sometimes it’s an eye break and sometimes it’s a tea break. Last time I used MS Outlook and set the calendar to remind me to take the break, and remind me to get back to my desk again too.

As some work is at the laptop and other work is downstairs, I’m not sure a reminder on the laptop will work this time. Plus, it takes a while to set up, although once set up at least it’s done. I’ll see how I go without for now. it’s already in the diary, I just need to tick it off when I’ve done it. And as the diary is always with me, I should always see it.

Today, then, I need to get that third book back to the publisher and I really, really want to crack on with the historical novel. Here’s the rest of this week’s to-do list:

  • proof-read non-fiction book #3
  • deliver NF #3
  • week-daily blog (excl Tuesday)
  • week-daily comps (excl Tuesday)
  • weekly walks report
  • edit historical novel #1
  • daily dog walk
  • household chores
  • weekly invoices
  • rock gig
  • roadtrip to see parents

Don’t forget I’m AWOL tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Radio silence weekend

  1. Carol 25 June 2012 / 10:26 am

    Hope it goes well. Get one of those egg/oven timers and set it for 15 mins, you could carry it room to room then. It’ll go off when you’re in the smallest room!


    • Diane 25 June 2012 / 10:28 am

      Heh heh – yup, I have one of those and set it for an hour at a time, to make sure I do an hour of work before checking emails, FB, the internet, etc. I’ve also set it for 10 minutes just to make sure I drink my tea!


    • Diane 27 June 2012 / 10:20 am

      I did, thanks. 🙂 xx


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